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What’s the story with this Milorad Sekuljica?

We have always wondered about Milorad Sekuljica.

He is the famous “City Tatts Internal Auditor”.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you already know that “Internal Auditor” at City Tatts is basically a joke.

Just remember what the finances of City Tatts looked like under Tony Guilfoyle:

  • Restaurants losing $8000 a week, each
  • Millions squandered on a perpetual building program
  • More millions handed to useless “consultants”, and
  • Laughable penny-pinching to save a few dollars, such as increasing gym locker fees

Someone has come up with an estimate of what Guilfoyle cost City Tatts over 12 years: $40 million. We think that is on the low side.

So could an honest man be the “internal auditor” at City Tatts with all that going on?

And this guy has been there since 2005.

These are a few possible explanations:

  • He’s not very bright and just doesn’t know what’s going on
  • He just does the basic, low level checking, then hands it over to Mark Cooper and washes his hands of it
  • He’s up to his neck in the rorts and corruption

Up until now, we’ve always given this guy the benefit of the doubt, on the basis that he might just be a simpleton.

But now that he has been moved into the bunker with Humpty Dumpty, is that telling us he is one of the chosen few, fully involved in all the rorts?

Save City Tatts Committee


Going into the bunker!

All this talk of bunkers got us thinking.

To aid our research we watched a few programs on the ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT NAZI’S WERE BAD PEOPLE CHANNEL ie. National Geographic.

Based on this extensive research we think we know what it all means:

The end is near.

But who will be the Eva Braun of City Tatts?

Or is Mark Cooper going to marry Milorad Sekuljica in the final days?

Save City Tatts Committee


Almost sold out!

Have you ever seen an ad saying “Tickets Selling Fast”, the day before a concert.

Well, if you have, you can be sure that ticket sales are very slow. If they were really selling fast there wouldn’t be an ad!

And notice the ad does not say “There is very little interest in this concert” or “We still have plenty of tickets” or anything like that.

Isn’t it just the same with Chief Liar Campion claiming he has a solution to the Land & Environment Court heritage problem?

If he really had a solution, wouldn’t he just go down to Sydney Council and lodge a new DA with the solution included?

The fact that he is talking to a newspaper about having an answer is a good indication he has nothing. The publicity about everything being on track is because he has no solution.

And, of course, the publicity does not say “I have no idea what to do now” or “Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong” or “It’s a complete shambles”.

That would be too much too expect from the Chief Liar.

Save City Tatts Committee



Marcelo Veloz using same backwards logic as Guilfoyle

Hardly a day goes by without hearing another story of Marcelo Veloz doing something Tony Guilfoyle used to do.

It’s like there was a Guilfoyle factory somewhere, and they just ordered another one.

His latest paranoid attempts to cover his tracks is a good example.

One of the lasting memories of Guilfoyle’s shambolic tenure was the backwards logic he applied to his own mistakes.

He made massive blunders, caused enormous damage to the Club, and seemed to be surprised when members started to notice it.

So what did he do?

Did he reverse his blunders?

Not on your life!

The buffoon put all his efforts into preventing members finding out about his mistakes. Most of the time he could have fixed the problems with less effort than he put into hiding them.

This bluffer Veloz is doing exactly the same.

Moving the finance department, aka Humpty Dumpty and the Internal Auditor, to a secure vault was a bit silly.


Save City Tatts Committee




Patrick Campion – Out on his own!

Everything Patrick Campion says or does now indicates a man no longer thinking rationally.

He is so confused he’s doing a good job of proving everything being said about him.

Within a week of a blog pointing out that he’s the only one on the committee still pushing the property development, what does he do?

He contacts the Daily Telegraph to tell them he still hopes to do a property development! But, of course, being Campion he has no idea when or how it will happen.

And notice it’s just Campion. No one else from City Tatts is mentioned. Not the committee. Not the CEO. Just Campion.

He’s showing that all he cares about is a property developemnt.

Meanwhile the club is in complete disarray.

They’re running promotions to give away memberships.

And then they tell staff they’re cutting their hours because there’s so few in the club!

Save City Tatts Committee


Did you know City Tatts has it’s own high performance bunker?

Members have been reporting, and laughing, about the relocation of the club’s finance department from the main admin area to the old doctor’s rooms. This was a Veloz idea and one that proves this bloke is a complete fool.

We say this because he moved the club’s overpaid accountant and his sidekick from their regular positions on the floor to their new bunker to protect the club’s financials!

This must be a joke because the way the club has under-performed for so long no one in their right mind would be remotely interested in the financials or financial modelling used by these goons. After all, what good would these details be? We guess they might be useful if you wanted to destroy a business or try to stop it in it’s tracks. With the club in such steep decline for so long, what good would the financials be to anyone but themselves?

Luckily for the club’s members the doctors have already moved out. Because given this bloke’s ideas to date imagine leaving him in charge of the doctor’s rooms when the medicine cabinet was full of pills, or the scalpel was left lying around!

Miss Management


One Big Happy Family (Jodie Blues)

A recent meeting at City Tattersalls Club

PATRICK CAMPION: Marcelo, I wanted to ask Jan to show me in but she wasn’t there

MARCELO VELOZ: Jan left last month. Remember, you paid tribute to her at the AGM

PATRICK CAMPION: Oh that’s right, I remember now. Did you find a replacement?

MARCELO VELOZ: I did but she .. eh .. didn’t work out, so I’m still looking

PATRICK CAMPION: Well, at a salary of $130,000 you shouldn’t have too much trouble

MARCELO VELOZ: Actually we’re offering $70,000 now. We just can’t afford to pay those kind of salaries any more. I mean, we can barely afford the normal wages. Anyway the new secretary won’t have nearly as much on us as Jan, so there’s not the same need

PATRICK CAMPION: I understand. Anyway, what did you want to talk to me about?

MARCELO VELOZ: You’re probably wondering why you haven’t seen much of Jodie Blues, considering how much we’re paying her

PATRICK CAMPION: Don’t worry Marcelo. Tony Guilfoyle set the standard for paying big money to special employees for doing very little. Some of them did a normal job but were paid double, like Jan Ellks. Some of them were completely useless, like Michelle Abbey or that executive chef Trevelyan Bale. And a few, confidentially, we don’t know if they actually did anything for the money, like Mark Lonngren or that VisionAds bloke, Mannisiah. Jodie sounds like she might be in the last category

MARCELO VELOZ: Jodie is a good friend of mine. I’ve known her a long time

PATRICK CAMPION: We fully understand why you want to help her out. That’s what the club bank account is for.

MARCELO VELOZ: Thanks, that puts my mind at ease

PATRICK CAMPION: That’s why we didn’t hire anyone for you. We could have got the best gaming manager in New South Wales for that kind of money but we knew that wouldn’t suit you. We knew you would want your own people around you, like Jodie or Daniel Graham

MARCELO VELOZ: Ok, but there’s something else, these blogs are starting to worry me

PATRICK CAMPION: I know, they’re getting to me too, but coping with the blogs is now part of the job description for the CEO of City Tatts. We thought you knew that. But we’ll all stick together. Once you’re part of our family, you’re one of us for life.

MARCELO VELOZ: Ok, Pat, I’ll keep that in mind

PATRICK CAMPION: I mean, look at me. Guilfoyle’s gone and I’m still using his slogans for the property development. Most of them don’t make a bit of sense like “reduce reliance on gaming”. You must have realised that’s total nonsense. Only an idiot would let a property developer build 260 apartments on top of the club and keep all the profits, for the vague possibility of bringing poker machine’s share of revenue from 77% to 74%

MARCELO VELOZ: You’re right, Pat. Even I had to laugh at that one!