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Chinese Restaurant In!

Ok, if the Esperanto wasn’t making money something needed to be done like a re-jig of the menu, but to close it and open a Chinese restaurant in the same building? On face value it doesn’t make sense, does it? But when you look a little deeper a clearer picture starts to emerge.

The Chinese restaurant is run by Pete from Parra, another Veloz hanger-on. Pete is not offering his services for free and he is not paying all of the expenses out of his own pocket so what’s in it for the club?

Does anyone really believe it’s as simple as closing The Esperanto Room because it’s running at a loss and open a Chinese restaurant WHICH YOU SUBSIDISE TO KEEP OPEN?

Why not just subsidise The Esperanto Room, albeit with a few minor menu alterations and deletions and keep everyone happy? Seems only logical to us and to many others but not to Veloz. Why is this so?

Does he have a vested interest in the changes presented as “progress”?

Remember, progress works in both directions, up and down the totem pole, so when the Chinese restaurant is on the bones of it’s ass, like Zest and the rest of the club, what will Veloz do then, reincarnate the Esperanto maybe?

See what we mean by an imbecile?

Save City Tatts Committee


Esperanto Out!

What great business acumen Marcelo Veloz has, what a real powerhouse of ideas this man is. Is he to management what Perry Mason is to super sleuthing, or just an imbecile in a track suit?

His latest pearler is to bring down the curtain on the club’s flagship restaurant, The Esperanto Room. In reality the only restaurant that ever worked at City Tatts was the smorgasbord. We all know that Guilfoyle put the axe through this cash cow for his own personal reasons but more on that later.

Besides the smorgasbord the Esperanto Room was the only attraction the club was known for when it came to dining.

Zest has been a rank failure as was Cafe 2. These two white elephants were the most recent additions to the City Tatts food offerings so what does Veloz do? He closes the club’s flagship dining option, The Esperanto Room, and opens yet another restaurant, this time a Chinese restaurant while Zest remains submerged in losses.

Why is this so?

We know he is adept at swinging his own sharp axe, just ask the Queen of Poisonous Culture, so while swinging why not make sure the white elephants are in the way of the sharp edge instead of the flagship offering?

We didn’t know so we rang Confucius to seek his opinion and all he would say was “me think this ‘mazing”.

We, like Confucius, think it ‘mazing too.

Save City Tatts Committee



The high performance bunker: PASS or FAIL

Some time ago we brought you details of the City Tatts high performance bunker. At the time we were a little sceptical of the whole thing because of it being City Tatts if nothing else. To put this another way if it had been anywhere else, and with different people who were actually qualified, it might have been a move in the right direction but with the imbeciles employed at City Tatts we suspected it would be just another waste of member’s money.

One year on let’s look at the results.

When the club’s 2017 accounts were published we noticed that the club made a $745,000 profit. As you are now aware the profit was only the sale of intangible assets known as poker machine entitlements. So has the high performance bunker worked?

We don’t think so.

Does this mean that the idiot who came up with the high performance bunker will fall on his sword?

Maybe Kristina St. Vincent was thrown under the bus for the failure of the high performance bunker? Nah not possible, although don’t be surprised if Veloz intertwines her departure with some form of bullshit like this.

Now, why was the bunker built in the first place? It was built to keep the City Tatts financial details “secret”. Now who would want the City Tatts financial details anyway? No one we think, unless you were looking to crash and burn a business.

We can name a hundred businesses that don’t have a high performance bunker and they seem to do quite well. We can name only one that does have a high performance bunker and it is a complete and utter disaster. But then again this shouldn’t be a shock because this one also has Mark Cooper as finance controller, Milorad Sekuljica as “Internal Auditor”, Marcelo Veloz as CEO and Tweedledee as Chairman.

We can’t wait to report more on the high performance bunker in the near future.

Save City Tatts Committee


Where is the major prize draw winner?

Just on a year ago City Tatts held a major prize draw. The winner was one of the luckiest people on earth because they only joined the club on the day of the draw and won the first and second prizes in the draw totalling over $30,000. (See previous blog Never a dull moment with these badge draws!)

Did this person manage to find a four leaf clover on the way to the club that day and win both draws?

Or did they have a little inside help?

Remember the occurrence? If not, let us refresh your memory. Daniel Graham, another Veloz puppet and a complete tool to match, conducted the draws. When he did the draws the same person won both. It’s not almost unbelievable, it is plain and simple too difficult to believe.

Ok, moving right along, how often is the lucky winner, now $30,000 richer, in the club?

We have been watching and can report that the lucky winner hasn’t been seen since.

So they joined the club on the day of the draws, won both draws, and never returned to the club.

Does anyone else smell a rat? But hey wait a minute, this is City Tatts where the incredible is a daily occurrence so why couldn’t this lucky individual be a double winner on the night?

Does anyone not depending on City Tatts for their wages believe this?

Save City Tatts Committee


Devious, you betcha! (2)

We can report that Marcelo Veloz used Kristina St. Vincent as his own henchperson. He gave her the green light to do what she does best and that was to bully and harass people who couldn’t defend themselves, a task she relished we might add.

So it was quite a shock for her when she was punted herself. We have it on good authority that when she had stitched up everyone on Veloz’s hit list her reward was to be granted annual leave. It was during this period of down time that Veloz sacked her.

Now we must say that she was complicit in everything she did for Veloz so she fully deserved to receive the royal order of the boot. But how devious is Veloz? To use her up and sack her like he did just goes to show that everything said about him at our focus group is true. We are starting to think he might give old Guilfoyle a run for the money in the devious, treacherous stakes. Anyone working at City Tatts or doing business with them needs to watch this fleabag. We know he is an imbecile but an imbecile as devious and cunning as Veloz has proven himself to be here is a very nasty person who needs to be watched.

Now we can’t rely on the committee to watch this fleabag because they wouldn’t know if you marched the entire Chinese Army past them. So who can we get to watch Veloz? Danial Graham? No, not even him, because he is too busy watching the new little Asian bar attendant on the gaming floor.

Save City Tatts Committee


Devious, you betcha!

We held a little public relations exercise recently, similar to a focus group, with City Tatts staff and members. We started off by paying our respects to the Ayamara people. The question put to the group was simple: What word or phrase would you use to describe Marcelo Veloz.

The responses were gold. We publish these for you just so you get a feeling for what people are thinking. In no particular order these were the responses we got:

  • Con Man
  • Shifty
  • Not to be trusted
  • Suffers from Little Man Syndrome
  • Got asked to leave Dooley’s Club due to financial irregularties
  • His legs are so short his feet don’t touch the floor when he sits down
  • Has a little moustache similar to a porn actor
  • Bullshit artist
  • Has little dark beady eyes that spell a nasty persona
  • Imbecile

We think that is enough but one word that didn’t crop up was devious. But then again this focus group was conducted before the Queen of Poisonous Culture was booted out the door.

More to come on this topic.

Save City Tatts Committee

Marcelo Veloz and Tony Guilfoyle – Same Committee

The most important common factor between Veloz and Guilfoyle, and the most worrying, is the committee.

Veloz must know by now that Guilfoyle did whatever he wanted and Patrick Campion and the committee were too stupid or too weak to stop him. And that really does mean anything – up to and including the most laughable attempt at getting a Stage 1 DA ever seen in Sydney.

For years the blogs have been the only effective supervision at City Tatts. Basically the blogs have done what the committee should have been doing.

So the same committee will never admit they made a terrible mistake in recruiting Veloz.

This is probably Veloz’s biggest advantage.

He could probably last longer at City Tatts than any other club.

Save City Tatts Committee