Marcelo Veloz and Tony Guilfoyle – Strategic Plan

If you had to pick just one item to highlight the insanity of Tony Guilfoyle’s time at City Tatts you couldn’t do better than his “Strategic Plan”.

City Tatts had the strangest strategic plan of any members club in Australia, or probably the world. Members were not allowed to see it!


Marcelo Veloz is desperate to show that he is not like Guilfoyle. With that in mind we would have advised him to steer clear of strategic plans at all costs.

But Veloz couldn’t help himself. He must have reasoned that if he came up with a “strategic plan” and actually showed it to members, that would help to distinguish him from Guilfoyle.

Well, he needn’t have bothered. He’s wasted his own time, and everyone else’s.

We have reviewed his “strategic plan” and it’s absolute horseshit, just a collection of catchy phrases that don’t mean anything.

If the committee were impressed by this rubbish they are even more stupid than we thought.

Save City Tatts Committee


Impossible announcement regarding the Bored of Directors

July 3rd, 2018

I am delighted to advise that Linda Fitzhardinge FOOL has announced her resignation from the Bored of our Club. She spat the dummy when the Committee picked Paul Cavallaro for Vice Chair instead of her.

Linda was completely useless on the board for the past 14 years in her role as director and also for the past three years as Vice Chair. Linda was also completely useless on various sub-committees.

Through her limited thinking and her companionship with Tony Guilfoyle, Linda made significant contributions to our Club’s entertainment and director dementia and led the club to the brink of bankruptcy.

The Bored and management will not miss her gum flapping and bullshit. Members also will be pleased to see the back of her, especially the Dance Club. Her legacy is a club that is much more in debt and well ….. fucked. We sincerely thank her for her long-term contempt for members and wish her every success in future inquiries.

Tweedledee (Patrick Campion)

Chief Liar

City Tattersalls Club


Marcelo Veloz and Tony Guilfoyle – Self Defence

It was well known that Tony Guilfoyle only worked three days a week while he was CEO of City Tatts.

What is not so well known is what he did during those three days.


This includes defending himself against members at meetings, defending himself against members writing in letters of complaint, defending himself against blogs, defending himself against Gaming & Racing, defending himself against the Sydney Morning Herald …….

In the case of Veloz, defending himself against the blogs is his most pressing concern.

In one respect Veloz is worse off than Guilfoyle. Guilfoyle was able to pursue his program of destruction for years before it was exposed to the general public by internet blogs. Veloz has had to deal with them from the start. Within weeks of starting as CEO blogs revealed his dismissal from Dooleys Catholic Club. In other words they have driven him mad since he arrived. He can’t say or do anything without thinking how it will appear on a blog.

So from the start he has conducted a desperate search for the bloggers, with zero success. As far back as a year ago he told a staff meeting “when I find out which of you cxxxs is behind the blogs you will be out the xxxxing door!” The problem of course is that this goes directly against his attempt to promote a friendly image.

So the hunt for the bloggers continues. He just tries to hide it from members – and the committee.

Save City Tatts Committee



Linda Fitzhardinge Out!

Yes, Linda Fitzhardinge is gone!

Here at Save City Tatts we are very sad to hear of her departure. She was a source of endless amusement to us (See Johny Bineham, where are you?).

But it is not a complete surprise.

You may recall she lost out to Paul Cavallaro for Vice Chair in May. And she did not attend the AGM.

So straight away we suspected she might have quit in protest.

She does have form in this area. A few years back she thought she was a certainty for Vice Chair, because she was the committee’s choice. When she lost out to Wendy Fisher she was so angry she stopped attending committee meetings for a while.

Anyway this time she is gone for good.

There’s so much to say on this one we don’t know where to start!

Stay tuned.

Save City Tatts Committee

Marcelo Veloz and Tony Guilfoyle – Personnel policy

One of the interesting comments from members at the AGM was that Marcelo Veloz remimded them very much of Tony Guilfoyle. As one member put it “Watching Veloz going through his powerpoint presentation he looked and sounded just like Guilfoyle“.

This started us thinking because we had already noticed many alarming similarities between the two.

Let’s start with something that’s in the news so to speak, their personnel policy.

Tony Guilfoyle’s personnel policy has been documented on this blog for many years (See previous blog Another one bites the dust). He continually brought in new people on inflated salaries who were usually inferior to the existing staff they replaced, and often completely useless.

And why did he do this?

Because the existing staff were a real problem for him. They knew he was a disaster and had no loyalty to him. Bringing in his own new people at inflated salaries was meant to solve both of these problems.

And, on the flipside, people were not sacked because they couldn’t do their job. People were sacked because they were a threat to Guilfoyle, or of no use to his personal agenda.


Veloz brought in Jodie Blues, Daniel Graham, Pete the Painter etc. etc. not because City Tatts needed someone in that position, but because Veloz wanted his own people around him.

He knows City Tatts staff have very little regard for him. They see him as someone of limited ability who bluffed his way into the CEO role. They also know how vindictive he can be. And, of course, they know he was sacked from Dooleys for rorting the club.

The key point with both Veloz and Guilfoyle is that hiring and firing decisions are not done in the interests of City Tatts. They are done to further the personal agenda of the CEO.

Save City Tatts Committee


Online Dating is a safer option!

When you are in a position of trust the first rule should be: Don’t bite the hand that feeds.

The second rule should be: Don’t screw the crew.

Breaking both of these rules is just bad business.

Kristina St. Vincent screwed the crew in the shape of Gordon the married Duty Manager. When Gordon didn’t want to play anymore Kristina got nasty and bullied him out the door.

She also bullied another staff member who also left because of the bullying and harassment. This has been well documented and really doesn’t need any further airplay here.

We know Marcelo Veloz sacked Kristina St. Vincent while she was on annual leave for her dalliances with the boys. But isn’t this a little hypocritical?

Long standing Dooleys Catholic Club staff have a very interesting tale to tell. This involves a young lass who worked in the reception area of the club when Veloz was General Manager. We are still getting the details but let’s just say it involves, shall we say, her termination.

The Dooleys sources are impeccable and want this story told because they think Veloz’s actions are hypocritical to say the least.

We can’t wait until the sources return with the full details.

Save City Tatts Committee


Did anyone see Sammy Johnson in City Tatts recently?

What was Sammy Johnson from Southern Cross Group doing in the club a few days ago?

Why would Veloz have him in the place unless they were hatching a plan? After all one is a contractor and the other is a club manager (not a very good one, we must say).

Now what would have brought these two fleas together? You know the saying, birds of a feather flock together …….

What this translates to is two thieves who see a chance and will go for it. Sam is the contractor and Veloz the manager. If Sam gets a contract from the place Veloz manages Sam will send Veloz an invoice for work performed and Veloz will pay for the work.

But what if Sam does some work but charges, say, for a little bit more, then a little more again and even a bit more again?

See what we mean? And do you think Mark Cooper or Milorad Sekuljica would know, or do anything about it? You only have to look at the club’s balance sheet for the answer. After all the club owes a Chinese developer $19 million dollars because these two did nothing about the excessive spending, largesse and thieving of previous management. So why is this going to even raise an eyebrow?

What Mark Cooper will do is snigger, shake his head and pretend to show disdain but that is as far as it will go because he is weak and complicit, just a puppet. But then so was Kristina St. Vincent and look what happened to her.

Let’s see how this one plays out. We will be very interested to see just what contracts are granted to Southern Cross Group.

Save City Tatts Committee