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Another Guilfoyle rort – the Melbourne Cup

There is nothing like a day at the races. Good food, good wine, lots of eye candy. It is even better if someone else is paying. That’s why old Guilfoyle loved the Melbourne Cup. Someone else was paying.

The Save City Tatts team can put it out there now. It being that Guilfoyle was not only thieving every day from the club using the methods described on these pages, he was also using the club to get a free trip to Melbourne for the cup every year right up to 2015.

He didn’t get to go in 2016 because he was booted out before then. Shame about that.

This is how the rort worked. A supplier to the club would sponsor a day at Flemington racecourse. The supplier would give the club a number of tickets to the shindig on cup day. Now this is not uncommon. What is uncommon is how Guilfoyle claimed the tickets for himself. Most professionally run organisations would raffle off the tickets, allowing members to get the benefit. We know of three club that do this.

At City Tatts the CEO grabbed the tickets for himself, for years.

In the early days his guest in Melbourne was his then wife, Cindy. But when that relationship went sour due to his infidelities with young City Tatts overpaid office staff he started to take the girlfriends with him. We know of two women other than his wife who accompanied him on these trips.

Was there anything this bloke wouldn’t knock off or steal? He must be one of the biggest thieves in the history of registered clubs.

Save City Tatts Committee


Happy Little Vegemites!

Here we go again. Another day, another insane report detailing Tony Guilfoyle’s psychotic behaviour.

We have been approached by a former Zest worker who wants their favourite Guilfoyle story told.

Remember the blog about Tania Purdy refusing to eat the toast that was burned. Now we have the story about Guilfoyle himself berating Zest staff for not applying his vegemite correctly. According to our source this is what happened.

From time to time Guilfoyle would order a serve of toast and vegemite. What was unusual about this was that he would direct the staff with precise instructions as to how the vegemite was to be spread on the toast. True story.

The instructions were simple. The vegemite couldn’t overlap onto the crust of the bread and had to be pulled up a few centimetres from the edge. Again, true story.

On one occasion there was a terrible calamity and the vegemite crept over the edge of the toast, for which the unfortunate staff member was suitably berated.

To assist with this most intricate and delicate process Guilfoyle got his princess Trevelyan Bale to buy vegemite in those little sachets you see in hospitals, airplanes and schools. Bale bought tonnes of the stuff. At the time he explained this as “portion control”.

Portion control, you say? Just how much money could the club save by using half-teaspoon size servings of vegemite instead of the traditional jars of the stuff?

Meanwhile Bale and Guilfoyle were ripping it off to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars each and every year.

Save City Tatts Committee


Tony Guilfoyle? Me Too!

We know that Tony Guilfoyle was a thief, a liar, a conman, a waffler, a megalomaniac an an imbecile.

Since we started exposing this fraud we have heard some amazing stories from people who had firsthand dealings with him.

Now this.

People are coming forward at a rapid rate to tell their individual stories about this grub. What you are about to read is a firsthand account of one young woman’s experience with him.

We met a young lady who contacted The Ferret to advise of her dealings with Guilfoyle. She was offered employment in the admin area a few years ago. She was made very welcome by the man himself, Mr A J Guilfoyle. At first the young lady felt a little uncomfortable by the attention he showed her, but when the meek and mild advances led to nothing she was more at ease.

But before long she was summoned for more and more “meetings” about nothing in particular. At this point she became concerned and discussed the issue at home. She was advised to take the matter to the club’s personnel department, which she did. What happened next was astounding. She was told to dress more “appropriately” for a meeting with the CEO and accept his behaviour as “Tony just being Tony”.

Needless to say her dress standards did not change and she was quickly put on the backbench. She left soon after rather worse for the experience. When she spoke to The Ferret she had this to say:

Tony Guilfoyle is the most dangerous type of abuser. He is capable of manipulating his victim through coldly calculated grooming mythologies, presenting the most wholesome and caring external persona as a deliberate means of ensuring a steady stream of bedroom experiences with females he has employed for the sole purpose of his sexual gratification

Until next time.

The Ferret

Australian Border Force boss sacked for helping girlfriend to get job

The nation’s top border control officer has been sacked for attempting to parachute his girlfriend into a job at Sydney Airport. You can read all about it in the Australian Financial Review today. This is not good behaviour but it would not be a surprise to anyone who knows City Tatts.

Tony Guilfoyle’s method was to create a vacancy and hire a young attractive female to fill it. It didn’t matter how she performed in previous jobs. What mattered was how she looked and performed ….. for him. If he couldn’t lure her into his bed, or to be more exact, a motel or hotel bed the club paid for, she would get the flick and the whole process would start again. The prior unsuspecting lass would be told by Human Resources that she “wasn’t suitable”. What Human Resources meant was “Tony couldn’t get you to go to bed with him so he doesn’t see any need for you to be around any longer”.

We know of FIVE young females who went through this.

If you don’t believe this take a look at Tania Purdy. She commenced at City Tatts as functions co-ordinator on $40k a year. Within a year she was marketing director on $120k a year. At the time it was common knowledge she was on with Guilfoyle. But, so what, she was good at her job, right? A real academic genius, right? No, if the truth be told she couldn’t spell C A T. So you be the judge.

Then there was Kirsty Assad. She started in the position of Marketing Manager. At the time she was engaged to her long term partner, living with him in southern Sydney while planning her marriage – until Guilfoyle struck. He elevated her to Operations Executive Manager, even above the finance man Humpty Dumpty. At one stage, the last stage before they were both sacked and marched out the door the same night, she was in charge of the airspace development! Would you put her in charge of a $200 million property development when all she was capable of was changing posters around the gaming floor and calling member draws? What a meteroric rise to fame.

Every cloud does not have a silver lining where Guilfoyle is concerned. Purdy got pushed aside for Assad, so no silver lining there, while Assad’s fiance escaped. Guilfoyle kept Assad because there was no one else after his wife flicked him because of his ways with other women. Last reports were that Assad and Guilfoyle were seen together at The Star Casino. Most people think she gambled more with her sanity by getting involved with Guilfoyle than at the tables.

Save City Tatts Committee


Why did Mark Cooper and Tony Guilfoyle fall out?

Cooper and Guilfoyle were bosom buddies. At least that is what Cooper led everyone to believe, including Guilfoyle.

Remember the Annual General Meetings where Guilfoyle waffled on for hours, with Cooper perched on stage in his ill-fitting suit, estimated to be about three sizes too small? Guilfoyle obviously felt comfortable with Cooper there although probably everyone else was laughing. But that warm and fuzzy feeling was only smoke and mirrors.

We are told that Cooper was like a double agent. He was agreeing to all of Guilfoyle’s rubbish but was bagging him behind his back. If you doubt this ask Cooper how the relationship was during the last throes of Guilfoyle’s time in the big chair. We have it from sources close to the City Tatts hirearchy that Cooper is insecure and the way he copes is to talk about everyone around him, behind their backs. It seems to be an obsession with him. Bag anyone doing well, or having a go. No one is spared. Because he has been there so long, and unwilling to step outside his comfort zone, he resents anyone doing well. He is a very weak man who sat back while Guilfoyle destroyed the club. He watched the rorting, the largesse, the thieving, the excessive salaries to Guilfoyle’s “ladies”, the excessive salaries to the inner circle ……. and did nothing.

We know Cooper chose to turn a blind eye for years. We also know that the relationship with Guilfoyle was toxic in the end. The only logical explanation is that he turned a blind eye for years because he was paid to, but shit himself near the end when it became clear he might go to jail.

Save City Tatts Committee


Marcelo Veloz and his inner circle

Talk of succession planning by Marcelo Veloz, or lack thereof, raises the question of who exactly is in the Veloz inner circle.

As far as we can tell it consists of Marcelo Veloz, Daniel Graham and someone called Will Corbett.

It is obvious they are meant to be his eyes and ears around the club ie. his spies, something he badly needs. Although you would think that at some point they are bound to ask themselves how being associated with Veloz will impact their future careers in the club industry.

It’s clear Veloz is totally out of his depth at City Tatts. When he was given charge of previous clubs that were already running well he looked alright. But when real management skills are needed, like at City Tatts, he has been exposed.

The problem with the Veloz two tier system is that you can’t run a club like that. It has to end in tears. It could not be good for the management of the club, or the morale of staff.

Basically this is a re-run of what Guilfoyle did. Except that in the case of Veloz the inner circle is very small. More like a triangle.

Save City Tatts Committee


There IS a way to track Campion’s blunders

Campion has been lying to members for six years now.

Normally the lies are to cover up his mistakes, or sometimes his dishonesty. Eventually he resorts to lies to cover the previous lies.

So if you are waiting on Campion to tell you what’s gone wrong at City Tatts you’ll have a long wait.

But there IS a sure-fire way to track his blunders.



Consider Campion’s hilarious spruiking of the new architect’s “strong local knowledge of the city and heritage constraints”. This is CampionSpeak for “the last architects I selected had no local knowledge of the city and heritage constraints” !!

Appealing to the Land & Environment Court? This is Campion telling you he was rejected by the Council.

New Cafe on Pitt Street? You can be sure the previous attempt, Cafe 2, was a failure.

Submitting a new DA? He’s just told you that the last one was a flop (and the one before that).

Is he this unscrupulous at Clinch Long Letherbarrow or is it just at City Tatts?

Save City Tatts Committee