The high performance bunker: PASS or FAIL

Some time ago we brought you details of the City Tatts high performance bunker. At the time we were a little sceptical of the whole thing because of it being City Tatts if nothing else. To put this another way if it had been anywhere else, and with different people who were actually qualified, it might have been a move in the right direction but with the imbeciles employed at City Tatts we suspected it would be just another waste of member’s money.

One year on let’s look at the results.

When the club’s 2017 accounts were published we noticed that the club made a $745,000 profit. As you are now aware the profit was only the sale of intangible assets known as poker machine entitlements. So has the high performance bunker worked?

We don’t think so.

Does this mean that the idiot who came up with the high performance bunker will fall on his sword?

Maybe Kristina St. Vincent was thrown under the bus for the failure of the high performance bunker? Nah not possible, although don’t be surprised if Veloz intertwines her departure with some form of bullshit like this.

Now, why was the bunker built in the first place? It was built to keep the City Tatts financial details “secret”. Now who would want the City Tatts financial details anyway? No one we think, unless you were looking to crash and burn a business.

We can name a hundred businesses that don’t have a high performance bunker and they seem to do quite well. We can name only one that does have a high performance bunker and it is a complete and utter disaster. But then again this shouldn’t be a shock because this one also has Mark Cooper as finance controller, Milorad Sekuljica as “Internal Auditor”, Marcelo Veloz as CEO and Tweedledee as Chairman.

We can’t wait to report more on the high performance bunker in the near future.

Save City Tatts Committee


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