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Another Veloz victim bites the dust!

Gee Marcelo Veloz has been a very busy man of late. Very busy concocting stories to strip ordinary staff of their basic right to work in a stress-free, nontoxic environment.

The Queen of Poisonous Culture, Kristina St. Vincent would know. She was let go once her handiwork was done, albeit handiwork orchestrated by Veloz.

Now let us tell you the story of the payroll officer, Nazar.

We won’t divulge his surname to protect him from more humilation after the bucket of shit Veloz already dumped on him.

Nazar was a long term employee. Apparently he started in the Esperanto Room as a waiter but had qualifications in finance. Come to think of it, he could have been a cheaper alternative to Mark Cooper, and done a better job. Certainly he couldn’t have done worse.

Anyway, given that Cooper had the finance controller role tied up for any number of reasons (except ability and performance) Nazar got the gig as payroll manager. This all happened years ago.

Now according to well placed sources Nazar was out with a few staff having a few beverages. Something was said that someone didn’t like. The next day he found himself before a “court martial” in the shape of Marcelo Veloz. Nazar was then sacked for bullying and harassment.

Yes, you heard that right.

So let’s recap. Nazar goes out for a few sherbets with a couple of colleagues from City Tatts. Why he would want to socialise with those imbeciles is hard to to say but that’s his own business. They then get into a discussion which one of the imbeciles doesn’t agree with or doesn’t like. The imbecile then runs to Veloz and gives him a one-sided version of what Nazar said. And Veloz sacks Nazar.

If you find this difficult to believe just ask any floor staff at City Tattersalls Club. They all know about it and are all talking about it.

Save City Tatts Committee



Marshmallow Memo

Dear Partners

How was your weekend? Did you have a good one? It was great to see the Roosters perform so well, but then again they are the Roosters. We are the best!

Our club is just as good. We are lucky to have an equally strong team here every day. Just take Humpty Dumpty as an example.

Now before you say anything, I know Humpty has worked here his entire adult life. He never once considered going anywhere else. He has eaten for free every day he’s been here and in fact often lamented that when he takes holidays he has to pay for his own food. I’m surprised he hasn’t moved closer to the club so he can eat for free on the weekend. Essentially he has lived off the club.

Humpty is good at using things up, especially the club, but you are probably wondering why he has kept his job? Well that’s easy to answer. I need a bigger fool than me because it deflects the heat away from me, heat I believe that is going to be turned up sooner or later. I know Humpty can’t go anywhere else because no one else would have him. He should be included in the club’s liabilities on the balance sheet. But I need him here to take the blame for all the mismanagement.

Before I arrived eighteen months ago I didn’t realise what a diabolical state the club was in. When I got here I started to review systems and practices and the first thing I noticed was that Humpty was an imbecile. Then I read on Save City Tatts that Humpty was unqualified and the whole picture started to fall into place. Now being the fair man that I am, in the interests of full disclosure I must advise that I too am unqualified. And while it is true I was moved on from previous roles for rorting, at no stage have I ever presided over the scale of destruction that Humpty has been a part of.

Our club is now in the hands of a Chinese developer as he was the only one who would lend us the money to continue. Why is this so? Because Humpty Dumpty the finance man closed his eyes to the rorting and thieving his good mate Tweedledum carried on for years.

Does this make Humpty as guilty as Tweedledum? I think so, but I need Humpty here so I always have a scapegoat a few steps away in the bunker.

Please stop making snide remarks about Humpty Dumpty and just let him eat whatever he wants. That way I have the safety net I need to keep pretending I know what I am doing.

Have a good night everybody, sleep tight and keep the dream alive.

Best Wishes

Thoughts and regards to former employees

Your friend first and executioner second

Marshmallow Veloz



The Pink Panther Strikes Again!

There is another reason why Veloz wanted to get rid of the Duty Manager. He suspected him of writing the blogs.

That’s why he instructed Kristina St. Vincent to harass him, starting about six months ago. That in itself tells you that the “official” reason for his departure, allegedly based on something that happened two weeks ago, is a sham.

And why did Veloz suspect the Duty Manager of writing the blogs?

To understand that you need to know how much the blogs affect Veloz. He is absolutely psychotic about the blogs!

As a result of the stress brought on by the blogs another personality has emerged inside his head – Inspector Clouseau!

So keep that in mind while we try to explain this.

Apparently the Duty Manager’s internal reports were a bit longer than others in the club. So Veloz in his Inspector Clouseau persona concluded that he was writing the blogs!

Yes, really, that’s the reason!

Of course the DM was not a match for another of Clouseau’s clues: the use of the word “imbecile”.

Yes, Inspector Clouseau noted the common use of the word “imbecile” in blogs about Veloz and his collection of misfits. So he instructed said misfits to listen out for any use of the word by employees, or members.

We are not making this up!

Inspector Clouseau, aka Marcelo Veloz, instructed his team of misfits to listen out for any use of the word “imbecile”.

And you wonder why the club is going downhill?!!

And still Veloz has no idea who writes the blogs.

Not a clue.

Save City Tatts Committee


Marcelo Veloz and Tony Guilfoyle – Toxic atmosphere

Marcelo Veloz has certainly matched Tony Guilfoyle in one area – the toxic atmosphere in the club. In fact, he has probably exceeded him.

By the time he was marched out the door Guilfoyle had created the most toxic work environment of any club in Sydney. He did this through a combination of things:

  • Pushing out respected experienced staff
  • Bringing in new people at inflated salaries who were usually clueless
  • Really, really stupid decisions to change/remove/destroy most of what was good about the club.
  • The introduction of something “new” that Guilfoyle and his team of “experts” thought was really good but members rejected straight away

This was particularly devastating to staff morale because it was front line staff who had to explain all this to members, while Guilfoyle and his “experts” were safely hidden from members on the second floor.

And the inflated salaries paid to these “experts” told staff that doing a good job for members counted for nothing.

Needless to say, this was devastating to the operation of the club – which is now plain for all to see.

Veloz has managed to do exactly the same, using most of the same methods. If anything, he’s done it faster than Guilfoyle.

The work atmosphere at City Tatts today is absolutely toxic, worse than under Guilfoyle, led by Veloz who is more paranoid by the day.

No question, Veloz is Guilfoyle 2.0

Save City Tatts Committee


The Veloz body count keeps rising

It’s getting harder to hide the chaos lurking just beneath the surface at City Tattersalls Club.

Last week another long-serving employee, a Duty Manager, was bullied into resigning.

We have a fairly extensive knowledge of the various characters at City Tatts, the good, the bad and the ugly. And we can’t recall any bad reports about this Duty Manager, from members or staff.

So it can only mean that Veloz wanted to get rid of him, and then concocted some set-up to provide justification for a decision already made. Veloz probably feels pleased that he achieved his immediate goal, but at the cost of demonstrating to the rest of the staff, again, just how treacherous he is.

It has been clear for some time that Veloz wants to get rid of any senior staff who have been there for a long time – and bring in his own people (See recent blog Marcelo Veloz and Tony Guilfoyle – Personnel Policy).

But there is something else you need to know about this.

Getting rid of experienced staff is part of a desperate attempt to slash the wages bill. This sounds absolutely daft to us, a desperate short-term measure that is bound to cost more in the long term.

But then again, maybe Veloz is not thinking of the long term.

Save City Tatts Committee


Chinese Restaurant In!

Ok, if the Esperanto wasn’t making money something needed to be done like a re-jig of the menu, but to close it and open a Chinese restaurant in the same building? On face value it doesn’t make sense, does it? But when you look a little deeper a clearer picture starts to emerge.

The Chinese restaurant is run by Pete from Parra, another Veloz hanger-on. Pete is not offering his services for free and he is not paying all of the expenses out of his own pocket so what’s in it for the club?

Does anyone really believe it’s as simple as closing The Esperanto Room because it’s running at a loss and open a Chinese restaurant WHICH YOU SUBSIDISE TO KEEP OPEN?

Why not just subsidise The Esperanto Room, albeit with a few minor menu alterations and deletions and keep everyone happy? Seems only logical to us and to many others but not to Veloz. Why is this so?

Does he have a vested interest in the changes presented as “progress”?

Remember, progress works in both directions, up and down the totem pole, so when the Chinese restaurant is on the bones of it’s ass, like Zest and the rest of the club, what will Veloz do then, reincarnate the Esperanto maybe?

See what we mean by an imbecile?

Save City Tatts Committee


Esperanto Out!

What great business acumen Marcelo Veloz has, what a real powerhouse of ideas this man is. Is he to management what Perry Mason is to super sleuthing, or just an imbecile in a track suit?

His latest pearler is to bring down the curtain on the club’s flagship restaurant, The Esperanto Room. In reality the only restaurant that ever worked at City Tatts was the smorgasbord. We all know that Guilfoyle put the axe through this cash cow for his own personal reasons but more on that later.

Besides the smorgasbord the Esperanto Room was the only attraction the club was known for when it came to dining.

Zest has been a rank failure as was Cafe 2. These two white elephants were the most recent additions to the City Tatts food offerings so what does Veloz do? He closes the club’s flagship dining option, The Esperanto Room, and opens yet another restaurant, this time a Chinese restaurant while Zest remains submerged in losses.

Why is this so?

We know he is adept at swinging his own sharp axe, just ask the Queen of Poisonous Culture, so while swinging why not make sure the white elephants are in the way of the sharp edge instead of the flagship offering?

We didn’t know so we rang Confucius to seek his opinion and all he would say was “me think this ‘mazing”.

We, like Confucius, think it ‘mazing too.

Save City Tatts Committee