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Did anyone see Sammy Johnson in City Tatts recently?

What was Sammy Johnson from Southern Cross Group doing in the club a few days ago?

Why would Veloz have him in the place unless they were hatching a plan? After all one is a contractor and the other is a club manager (not a very good one, we must say).

Now what would have brought these two fleas together? You know the saying, birds of a feather flock together …….

What this translates to is two thieves who see a chance and will go for it. Sam is the contractor and Veloz the manager. If Sam gets a contract from the place Veloz manages Sam will send Veloz an invoice for work performed and Veloz will pay for the work.

But what if Sam does some work but charges, say, for a little bit more, then a little more again and even a bit more again?

See what we mean? And do you think Mark Cooper or Milorad Sekuljica would know, or do anything about it? You only have to look at the club’s balance sheet for the answer. After all the club owes a Chinese developer $19 million dollars because these two did nothing about the excessive spending, largesse and thieving of previous management. So why is this going to even raise an eyebrow?

What Mark Cooper will do is snigger, shake his head and pretend to show disdain but that is as far as it will go because he is weak and complicit, just a puppet. But then so was Kristina St. Vincent and look what happened to her.

Let’s see how this one plays out. We will be very interested to see just what contracts are granted to Southern Cross Group.

Save City Tatts Committee

Veloz throws Poison Ivy under the bus! (4)

There is no doubt the Queen of Poisonous Culture was a nasty piece of work.

And her vendetta against the former partner of her current beau was purely personal.


Yes, while Veloz was going around smiling like a used car salesman, and telling everyone what they want to hear, he was instructing Poison Ivy, the alleged “Head of People & Culture” to harass employees so that they would be intimidated into leaving.

Sometimes he wanted to get of someone because he thought they might be a source for the blogs. The union rep who was sacked falls into this category. And sometimes it was hard to tell why he wanted to get rid of someone.


This has gone on almost since he started at City Tatts, and is still going on today.

Save City Tatts Committee



Veloz throws Poison Ivy under the bus! (3)

There is another aspect to the sudden departure of Poison Ivy – money.

The club has no money. We don’t really need to tell you that. Borrowing from the property developer could only mean they are desperate.

The word is that her replacement is not a “Head of People & Culture” (that’s a relief!) but some lesser role.

In other words, they can’t afford to pay the inflated salary necessary to attract someone who would want that title.

Save City Tatts Committee


Veloz throws Poison Ivy under the bus! (2)

The Queen of Poisonous Culture, Kristina St. Vincent, was sacked mainly because of the blogs about her.

It’s impossible to understand anything Veloz does at City Tatts until you know how much the blogs affect him. He thinks about them every day.

And who could blame him?

Right from the start the blogs have been his biggest problem at City Tatts. Obviously, exposing his sacking from Dooleys for rorting the club was a severe blow, just when he thought he had finally rehabilitated himself into the club industry. But even worse, the blogs have exposed the venom and skulduggery behind his “come and have a coffee with me” facade.

Which would explain his threat, within a few months of starting at City Tatts, to sack anyone who talked to the bloggers.

You can decide for yourself how well that threat worked out.

So the last thing Veloz needed was this crazy bitch drawing attention to the toxic environment in the club.

Her replacement is already lined up so we know Veloz was planning this for a while. Which means that within a few weeks of Poison Ivy being featured on the blogs Veloz had already decided she had to go.

Also, he was worried that she might turn on him some day.

Save City Tatts Committee


This profit thing is worsening by the minute

Veloz and Cooper have put themselves on the line by declaring a profit.

This is false and we know it. Let’s look just a little deeper.

Tony Guilfoyle was the recipient of some huge wages each year he was at the club.This big money was also paid to him in the year 2016 in the shape of three months wages for January to March at which point he was sacked for non-performance. When he was moved on he received six months wages as part of his departure package. All of this money amounting to half a million dollars had been taken up in the 2016 accounts.

Moving along to the year 2017 Marcelo Veloz and Mark Cooper trumpet a profit of $745,000. This profit was crafted by selling $700,000 of intangible assets. So in reality there was no profit from trading rather it was from selling assets. But what about the money saved on wages not paid to Guilfoyle? We know the wage bill is down half a million from 2016 so what about this money? Where is this reflected in the 2017 profit? The 2017 results should have been half a million better than 2016.

Well let us tell you that gaming revenue has been shortened up and is down 8% according toi the accounts. What a job Veloz has done so far. He has managed to do even worse than Guilfoyle. How is this possible? How can anyone perform worse than the greatest fraud in the club’s history?

Remember the catch cry? Come and have a coffee with me? Well we suggest that members go and have a coffee with this imbecile Marcelo Veloz and ask him why the club didn’t have a true seven figure profit considering it didn’t have to pay half a million dollars in wages to Guilfoyle.

Save City Tatts Committee


Veloz throws Poison Ivy under the bus!

The Queen of Poisonous Culture is gone!

Yes, Poison Ivy, Head of People & Culture, aka Kristina St. Vincent, aka Queen of Poisonous Culture has been sacked.

Detailed explanation to follow soon.

Save City Tatts Committee

Men’s Gym now open

We can report that the men’s gym is now open again, after the builders who were popping down the pop-up bar popped some sewage pipes. The shit that flowed from the broken pipes into the men’s gym rendering it unsafe for a few weeks was nothing compared to the shit that flowed from management and the board when remedying the problem.

As you are all aware the club has no money. It’s broke. It’s literally on financial life support. The surgeons in the shape of NAB and then the ANZ started to operate but gave up because they could see no prospect of recovery. Now, thanks to a Chinese developer, the club is in an induced coma and not really responding to anything, especially the Chinese restaurant. Given these somewhat dire circumstances, when the shit flowed from the broken pipes what do you think management did?

You wouldn’t guess this one in a million years so we’d better tell you.

They organised for all men’s gym members to use the Hilton Hotel gym at a cost of $35 per visit. Yes, you got it right, $35 per visit. Just how much the club outlayed on this no one will ever know, because those who do know will never let it out of the bag. Why do you think that is?

Recent City Tatts history suggests the club was ripped off in this little scheme, and that’s no shit!

Save City Tatts Committee