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Stiff as a board!

When you follow City Tatts you come to expect the strange.

But once in a while you hear something that stops you in your tracks.

Last week there was a seminar for club managers, organised by Clubs NSW.

You will hardly believe what happened at the seminar.

Some twit called Judith MacCormick recommended the City Tatts board as an example for other clubs to follow!

Is she retarded?!!

If you looked at 100 clubs you could not find a more disastrous board.

She seemed to think that City Tatts was a good board because they had a doctor, and a lawyer, and an accountant and a …

Yes, they have all of these – and they are all useless!

They inherited a thriving, successful club and stood by while a complete imbecile slowly destroyed it.

There are reports that this Judith MacCormick is connected with Linda Fitzhardinge.

That sounds about right.

Save City Tatts Committee


Rough ride at the City Tatts Handicap

There is one anomaly amongst the City Tatts Race Day sponsors.

And that’s Procare Property Services.

We were very surprised to see them sponsoring a race.

Why, you ask?

Because Marcelo Veloz has been trying to get rid of them!

It’s been common knowledge for a while that he wanted to get rid of them and replace them with his own choice. He’s already done this with the security contract which he handed to Southern Cross Group.

So why are Procare now sponsoring a City Tatts race?

When Veloz went to get rid of them he was shocked to discover that their contract was, well ….. a contract. Which meant they could not just be dismissed, like a girlfriend who’s services were no longer required.

So it seems that because his plans were foiled, out of sheer spite he wanted his pound of flesh. He must have told them he would make life very difficult for them if they did not donate to the City Tatts Race Day, which by then was struggling for sponsors.

That’s why they sponsored a race!

With Marcelo Veloz there is always more to the story.

Save City Tatts Committee


Same Trough – Different Snouts

The City Tatts Race Day was held at Randwick on Saturday.

It’s always interesting to see who sponsors the races. Basically it’s a good guide to which snouts are currently in the trough.

Think about it. If Bartier Perry were happy to chip in $25,000 to sponsor a race while Tony Guilfoyle was there, they were telling you that they were doing so well out of City Tatts they could afford to do that and still come out ahead. It’s as simple as that.

Strange to say, Bartier Perry and Aristocrat Gaming have dropped out this year. That can only mean they are no longer getting enough money to cover the sponsorship.

But don’t worry. They have been replaced by a few Veloz favourites who will expect to be fully reimbursed in time.

Last year four of the nine races were named for City Tatts. This year there was one.

By the way, we are amazed that Clubs NSW would take the risk of being associated with Marcelo Veloz.

Save City Tatts Committee



Veloz has property development experience – he built a sand pit

Here at the Save City Tatts desk we are humble enough to publish a correction when warranted.

After speaking with well placed sources at Cronulla we can announce that Marcelo Veloz did have some, albeit minor, property development experience at Sharks Leagues Club.

You see, he built a sand pit.

That’s right, a sand pit.

The story goes like this. When the Sharks made the NRL grand final in 2016 the club’s board were looking for a way to increase crowd participation on the night of the game. To do this they gave Veloz the green light to develop the club’s property to maximise patron numbers.

So what did he do? He built a sand pit. He commissioned his extra pair of eyes and ears, Daniel Graham, to order tonnes of sand and fill one of the club’s car parks to resemble a beach.

That’s it.

So we stand corrected. Veloz has property development experience. He developed a car park into a temporary beach.

We think this is a fine achievement but is it enough to do the City Tatts job?

Maybe it’s the new qualification to be CEO?

Save City Tatts Committee


What’s cooking in the kitchen?

Rummaging through the smoke and ashes that Veloz created for himself recently we stumbled across his past working relationship with a chef from Cronulla Leagues Club.

This chef’s name is Simon McNamara and he worked with Veloz at Sharkies. He also worked at City Tatts with Veloz.

How interesting.

McNamara left City Tatts when blogs started to appear naming Veloz as one who inflated invoices and ripped off past employers through over charging and, well, charging for no work.

Is it a coincidence that McNamara got out then, or maybe he is smarter than Veloz?

Actually you’d hardly believe what we found out about their working relationship. And by working we mean working hot.

McNamara liked the girls. One girl in particular worked very closely with him. This same girl had a permanent partner at home but McNamara lured her into his lair. Luckily for her she saw the error of her ways and got out of the web McNamara had spun and as a result has made a life for herself with her partner.

Is this an example of the Veloz style of management, carried over from previous clubs, now in play at City Tatts?

Miss Management

Just why did Veloz take the City Tatts job?

Members have been canvassing opinions as to why Marcelo Veloz left where he was to take the City Tatts job. Something just doesn’t stack up. Why would you go from a thriving corporate entity like the Cronulla Sharks to a run-down, broke club full of rattling skeletons? That is, unless you were used to skeletons rattling in your own closet.

Just to refresh your memory Cronulla Sharks, the club Veloz left to go to City Tatts, won the National Rubgy League title just five months before Veloz ended up at City Tatts. He was the CEO of the Sharks Leagues Club when they won the title. What we are working through is the process Veloz used to make his decision.

All we can come up with is that Veloz is on a big whack of cash at City Tatts. But it couldn’t be much more than the CEO of a successful club that had just won the number one rugby league competition in the world, could it?

The other factor to consider is the insane property development that Guilfoyle dreamt up. Could this have been the driver for Veloz to give up his Sharks gig for City Tatts? That doesn’t seem likely because the Sharks were already doing their own development. In fact, their Woolooware bay property development has 500 units. If Veloz had a job where property development was underway yet he left that to be part of another property development that was half the size, the obvious question is why?

Scouts are still looking into this move from Cronulla to City Tatts because it doesn’t make sense. Could it be that the same sort of skeletons rattling at Dooleys Catholic Club when Veloz was shown the door started rattling at Cronulla in 2016, just a few months before he ended up at City Tatts?

Miss Management

Definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed – Part 1

We know that Marcelo Veloz does not have the sharpest business acumen. His distinct lack of awareness of Due Diligence (see previous blog) is testament to this.

So what drives him?

It must be the money he’s getting because it couldn’t be anything else. There’s nothing else in the club to get him out of bed each day.

Just look at the management team he has inherited. Take Mark Cooper, aka Humpty Dumpty. This clown is supposed to be the club’s financial controller, but really all he can control is his own hunger pangs by loading up with free food from the club’s restaurants.

Seriously, look at this buffoon. He has underperformed for over a quarter of a century but keeps getting paid each week. Even politicians need to be re-elected every few years yet this goon keeps rolling up (rolling being the operative word) and gets paid even though the club under his financial guidance has become the laughing stock of the industry.

When is this madness going to end?

Well, maybe soon. We hear rumblings that Veloz is planning to harpoon Humpty.

So although Humpty Dumpty is sitting on a wall of money right now it might not be too long before he has a great fall, and Veloz might be the man to give him the push.

Miss Management