Patrick Campion – Out on his own!

Everything Patrick Campion says or does now indicates a man no longer thinking rationally.

He is so confused he’s doing a good job of proving everything being said about him.

Within a week of a blog pointing out that he’s the only one on the committee still pushing the property development, what does he do?

He contacts the Daily Telegraph to tell them he still hopes to do a property development! But, of course, being Campion he has no idea when or how it will happen.

And notice it’s just Campion. No one else from City Tatts is mentioned. Not the committee. Not the CEO. Just Campion.

He’s showing that all he cares about is a property developemnt.

Meanwhile the club is in complete disarray.

They’re running promotions to give away memberships.

And then they tell staff they’re cutting their hours because there’s so few in the club!

Save City Tatts Committee


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