Did you know City Tatts has it’s own high performance bunker?

Members have been reporting, and laughing, about the relocation of the club’s finance department from the main admin area to the old doctor’s rooms. This was a Veloz idea and one that proves this bloke is a complete fool.

We say this because he moved the club’s overpaid accountant and his sidekick from their regular positions on the floor to their new bunker to protect the club’s financials!

This must be a joke because the way the club has under-performed for so long no one in their right mind would be remotely interested in the financials or financial modelling used by these goons. After all, what good would these details be? We guess they might be useful if you wanted to destroy a business or try to stop it in it’s tracks. With the club in such steep decline for so long, what good would the financials be to anyone but themselves?

Luckily for the club’s members the doctors have already moved out. Because given this bloke’s ideas to date imagine leaving him in charge of the doctor’s rooms when the medicine cabinet was full of pills, or the scalpel was left lying around!

Miss Management


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