One Big Happy Family (Jodie Blues)

A recent meeting at City Tattersalls Club

PATRICK CAMPION: Marcelo, I wanted to ask Jan to show me in but she wasn’t there

MARCELO VELOZ: Jan left last month. Remember, you paid tribute to her at the AGM

PATRICK CAMPION: Oh that’s right, I remember now. Did you find a replacement?

MARCELO VELOZ: I did but she .. eh .. didn’t work out, so I’m still looking

PATRICK CAMPION: Well, at a salary of $130,000 you shouldn’t have too much trouble

MARCELO VELOZ: Actually we’re offering $70,000 now. We just can’t afford to pay those kind of salaries any more. I mean, we can barely afford the normal wages. Anyway the new secretary won’t have nearly as much on us as Jan, so there’s not the same need

PATRICK CAMPION: I understand. Anyway, what did you want to talk to me about?

MARCELO VELOZ: You’re probably wondering why you haven’t seen much of Jodie Blues, considering how much we’re paying her

PATRICK CAMPION: Don’t worry Marcelo. Tony Guilfoyle set the standard for paying big money to special employees for doing very little. Some of them did a normal job but were paid double, like Jan Ellks. Some of them were completely useless, like Michelle Abbey or that executive chef Trevelyan Bale. And a few, confidentially, we don’t know if they actually did anything for the money, like Mark Lonngren or that VisionAds bloke, Mannisiah. Jodie sounds like she might be in the last category

MARCELO VELOZ: Jodie is a good friend of mine. I’ve known her a long time

PATRICK CAMPION: We fully understand why you want to help her out. That’s what the club bank account is for.

MARCELO VELOZ: Thanks, that puts my mind at ease

PATRICK CAMPION: That’s why we didn’t hire anyone for you. We could have got the best gaming manager in New South Wales for that kind of money but we knew that wouldn’t suit you. We knew you would want your own people around you, like Jodie or Daniel Graham

MARCELO VELOZ: Ok, but there’s something else, these blogs are starting to worry me

PATRICK CAMPION: I know, they’re getting to me too, but coping with the blogs is now part of the job description for the CEO of City Tatts. We thought you knew that. But we’ll all stick together. Once you’re part of our family, you’re one of us for life.

MARCELO VELOZ: Ok, Pat, I’ll keep that in mind

PATRICK CAMPION: I mean, look at me. Guilfoyle’s gone and I’m still using his slogans for the property development. Most of them don’t make a bit of sense like “reduce reliance on gaming”. You must have realised that’s total nonsense. Only an idiot would let a property developer build 260 apartments on top of the club and keep all the profits, for the vague possibility of bringing poker machine’s share of revenue from 77% to 74%

MARCELO VELOZ: You’re right, Pat. Even I had to laugh at that one!




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