Singing the blues!

Does Jodie Blues, the Marcelo Veloz crony who followed him across town, actually work at City Tatts?

We have become interested in this as members advise she is like the invisible woman, similar to Guilfoyle’s wife (and Mark Cooper’s wife). On the payroll but no one sees them.

Then again, the rumour mill has Blues as a consultant. We think this is a very cosy arrangement. After all remember Amy Conroy, now Amy Watts? Remember her consultancy appointment? And her eagerness to work with Guilfoyle in her role as “head” consultant. A very interesting appointment indeed.

Maybe Ms Blues could track down Michelle Abbey, another worthy lass who gained a City Tatts consultancy, just to find out what is expected from someone in that position. But then again we are sure Marcelo will dictate the job description and performance measures. After all it was his idea.

Is City Tatts the only club in the world with two “head” consultants?

Miss Management

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