City Tatts now has it’s own lockout laws!

Members have reported that the second floor admin area of the club has been locked and the office receptionist relocated. Apparently, access to the library is now “by appointment” only.

We decided to investigate this and assumed it was part of the general purge on award rate staff hours, as previously mentioned.

But we were wrong.

It appears that the catalyst for the change is management’s total paranoia. Marcelo Veloz’s plan is to cut off access to member facilities previously offered in the admin area in a futile attempt to reduce the amount of reporting members do about the shambolic admin area!

The main observations by members usually include the high number of staff employed in there, and what they could all be doing, the sustained incompetence on display from the highest paid executives, and the general inept performance of the whole admin function. Strangely there is no sign of anyone’s hours being cut.

We can only guess as to what areas of the club Veloz will lock members out of next. He won’t have to worry about the restaurants and bars, that’s for sure. The committee allowed these to become no-go zones for most members ages ago!

Miss Management


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