City Tatts CEO helps out with staffing cuts!

We all know how sad and pathetic City Tatts has become.

Well this has moved to the office as well. Only a couple of weeks ago the club’s CEO Marcelo Veloz decided that staff should have their shifts chopped. This cull of hours began immediately with Veloz’s loyal deputy Daniel Graham taking a sword to all floor staff and reducing hours. Makes you wonder about the alleged 2000 new members.

The only problem is that the cull has been so drastic that Veloz has been called on to work as a glassie. Yes, he was seen collecting glasses in the Lower Bar. The members who witnessed this also reported that while Veloz was doing this he was not so suitably attired in a Cronulla Football Club track suit!

Now try to hold that image in your mind. Here we have the CEO of the organisation collecting glasses, due to his own self-imposed cull of workers hours, and while he was doing this he dresses in the track suit of another club!

Is it any wonder people laugh at City Tatts?

Miss Management

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