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Ferrier Hodgson answer doesn’t make sense

According to the disclosures under the Registered Clubs Act, Ferrier Hodgson were paid $88,000 for legal work in 2016.

There was just one problem with this.

They are not solicitors. They are insolvency practitioners, so it’s hard to see how they could provide legal advice.

So it was no surprise that a few members asked about this at the AGM.

The committee replied that $65,000 was for a review of the financing of the property development at the request of ANZ Bank. And the other $23,000 was for an internal audit in July 2016 requested by the committee.

But this explanation raises more questions than answers.

It has been known for some time that Ferrier Hodgson prepared a report on City Tatts. But that was years ago, well before 2016. It may even have been before ANZ Bank were involved with City Tatts.

But no payment to Ferrier Hodgson has ever been disclosed before.

So is there one Ferrier Hodgson report, or two?

And if it’s two, was the first one free?

Save City Tatts Committee



Membership is down to what?!!

There were so many financial questions at this year’s AGM the Committee decided to type up the questions and answers and hand them out to anyone attending.

Some of the information given is startling.

One thing is clear: the extent of Guilfoyle’s destruction is slowly being revealed.

It was concealed for a long time because they all had to stick together, but now it is being exposed

  • by the Committee, trying to distance themselves from Guilfoyle
  • by Marcelo Veloz, trying to make himself look good by comparison

One of the many startling facts contained in the answers was the number of members in the club.

Regular readers of this blog already know that City Tatts is the strangest club in the country. One example of this was the decision about 5 years ago to stop disclosing how many members the club had.

It wasn’t mentioned in the magazine, on the website, or at the AGM. We don’t know of another club in the country that did this.

All in a desperate attempt to hide Guilfoyle’s utter failure.

Guilfoyle tried to mask the decline with the $150 voucher “promotion” for new members, a desperate stop-gap measure. Even the new members getting the vouchers laughed at this. The scheme artificially boosted the numbers by a few thousand around 2014 and 2015.

Well, now the truth is being revealed.

The club is down to 13,661 members!

And 1,949 of these are life members!

Guilfoyle started with 34,000 members in 2004.

Save City Tatts Committee


Government launches Inquiry into NSW RSL

The state Charities Minister, Matt Kean, has announced a royal commission-style inquiry into the NSW RSL.

The inquiry follows extensive allegations of rorting and embezzlement at the NSW branch. These allegations have already sparked a police fraud investigation.

Mr Kean said “We will get to the bottom of these allegations once and for all”. He added “We want to clean up the mess and make sure it never happens again”.

Does any of this strike a chord?

Every bit of the above applies just as much to City Tatts. You wouldn’t have to change a word.

City Tatts needs a full inquiry as much as NSW RSL. In fact, the rorting and embezzlement at City Tatts since 2004 are far worse than anything at NSW RSL.

Save City Tatts Committee



Downturn in CITY TATTS gaming revenue

Gaming revenue has dropped at City Tatts, not Sydney CBD.

Well, what would you expect after 12 years of Tony Guilfoyle’s insane mismanagement?

Guilfoyle drove away more than half the members he started with. He managed to do this while the population living in the city increased continuously.

One by one he took away the very things that had attracted people to the club for decades. In the end there was very little reason to become a member.

Then he started selling the club’s poker machine entitlements, and poker machines, in a desperate attempt to raise cash.

This is the same person who boasted about buying poker machine entitlements, and poker machines, when he wanted to be CEO.

Of course, by the time he was finished there were so few in the club only half the machines were ever used.

Save City Tatts Committee



Another Campion lie: CBD Gaming downturn!

Tony Guilfoyle set the standard when it came to excuses.

Nothing was too silly when he tried to explain his repeated failures. He even mentioned the war in Iraq as one of the challenges facing the club!

Yes, really, he did.

Some of this must have rubbed off on his good buddy, Patrick Campion.

In the Chairman’s Report for 2016, Campion said the result was pleasing because it came “in spite of a gaming downturn that affected the whole CBD”.

What is he talking about?

The nearest club with poker machines is the Bowlers Club in York Street.

In their latest accounts they reported an increase in poker machine takings.

Yes, an increase!

So don’t get sucked in by this latest excuse.

It’s just another Campion lie.

Save City Tatts Committee



Marcelo Veloz wants his own suppliers

Marcelo Veloz wants to bring in his own suppliers and contractors to City Tatts.

That’s a worry!

It is quite normal in any organisation to see changes when a new CEO arrives. Partly it is real, fixing something that was allowed to drift. And partly it is often self-promotion, “Look at me, I’m doing things, I’m making a difference, etc etc”.

But with Veloz’s troubled past you have to wonder about his motives.

A lot of people will be watching this very closely.

Any shifty deals run the risk of an investigation into his time at Dooleys.

We think he will tread lightly, at least for the first few months.

Save City Tatts Committee


Good Riddance Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith has decided to step down from the City Tatts Committee.

This is the best thing he has ever done for the club.

He was one of Guilfoyle’s biggest supporters, and backed Guilfoyle’s destruction every step of the way.

He was going to quit about 10 years ago but Guilfoyle asked him to stay on to prevent an “outsider” getting on the Committee, who would probably want to remove Guilfoyle.

Ignore the rubbish in the Annual Report about the great work done by Smithy and the rest of the Committee. The meetings went on for hours, sure, but it was all nonsense. In the end they always let Guilfoyle do whatever he wanted, no matter how stupid. The real reason the meetings took so long was because Guilfoyle droned on with his useless excuse-filled presentations.

The problems at City Tatts were so obvious they could have been covered in ten minutes. What was missing was a Committee with a backbone to get rid of Guilfoyle before he brought the club to it’s knees.

Smithy is a perfect example of the type of blow-hard you find in the men’s gym.

He talked big but would only say what those around him were saying anyway. He was too weak to say what needed to be said, and do what needed to be done.

Save City Tatts Committee