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Don’t Mention Guilfoyle!

The 2016 City Tatts Annual Report is out, and it’s even funnier than usual.

There are three individual reports, from Campion, Veloz and Jimmy Chen, and in all three there is not one mention of Guilfoyle!

Remember, Guilfoyle was CEO for 12 years. And he worked in the club for 20 years before that. (City Tatts is the only job he ever had)

Not only that, but Campion, as Chairman, fully supported everything Guilfoyle did.

But in the Annual Report for his final year, not a mention.

It’s like one of those communist countries during the cold war where the former leader was written out of history, like he never existed.

If there was any lingering doubt that Guilfoyle was sacked for embezzlement, the reports from the Three Stooges have provided the final proof.

Even more amazing, this is exactly what happened to Marcelo Veloz at Dooleys!

In the 2013 Dooleys Lidcombe Catholic Club Annual Report, after Veloz was sacked, he didn’t get a mention either!

You couldn’t make it up!

Save City Tatts Committee



Marcelo Veloz starting to bring his own people to City Tatts

So Marcelo Veloz is starting to bring in his own people to City Tatts?

The first was Jodie Blues as Gaming Manager. She was followed by Daniel Graham as Assistant Gaming Manager.

This is exactly what Guilfoyle did!

And the reasons are exactly the same.

Guilfoyle realised early on that the existing staff were a real threat to him. Because they knew he was an idiot, and also because they did not owe their jobs to him.

So Guilfoyle brought in his own people and bought their loyalty to him (with members money) by paying them salaries they would not get anywhere else.

Veloz is doing the same.

And, if anything, it is more critical for him than Guilfoyle.

Veloz knows how vulnerable he is. Guilfoyle’s program of destruction went on for five years before it was exposed by internet blogs. Veloz was exposed within two weeks of starting at City Tatts!

So he needs all the help he can get!

Save City Tatts Committee

What’s the deal with this Daniel Graham?

Marcelo Veloz has started to bring in his own people to City Tatts.

The latest is a bloke called Daniel Graham.

He was the Gaming Manager at Cronulla Leagues Club while Veloz was there, and he will be the Assistant Gaming Manager at City Tatts.

But hold on a second!

He also worked with Veloz at Dooleys!

So he must know that Dooleys sacked Veloz for rorting the club.

So what’s going on here?

Is it that he doesn’t care what Veloz did at Dooleys, or maybe he doesn’t believe it?

Someone should definitely ask him this.

And why was Veloz so keen to bring him to City Tatts?

Save City Tatts Committee


May Day, May Day – Land & Environment Court Hearing!

As you know, the City Tatts property development is a complete shambles.

Basically, it has been at a standstill for two years.

No surprises there. Campion amd Guilfoyle had shown repeatedly that they were incapable of managing even a simple bar or restaurant.

So a complicated property development, well you’d have to say it had no chance.

The council had normal concerns from the start but once Mirvac dropped it they had serious doubts.

For an experienced developer like Mirvac to walk away from a high profile project was a clear signal that something was badly wrong with the development. And the more they learned about City Tatts, from talking to members and reading blogs, the more they had doubts about the whole club.

Then Campion and Guilfoyle came up with a developer nobody had heard of, because they had never built anything in Sydney. This only confirmed the Council’s suspicions.

So today the City Tatts development is basically a joke as far as the Council is concerned.

Wait until they hear about Marcelo Veloz!

Anyway, the developer has appealed to the Land & Environment Court and the hearing is on 1 May.

Save City Tatts Committee

City Tatts Accounts will be first real test for Veloz

The accounts for 2016 should be available by the end of April.

It will be very interesting to see if anything changes this year.

Under Tony Guilfoyle the information provided to members was continually reduced. This especially applied to the financial statements which were probably the worst of any club in NSW, for their lack of detail about the club’s operations.

Restricting information to members is a sure sign that the CEO has something to hide, at the very least his own incompetence.

Back in February Marcelo Veloz talked about being more “transparent”.

Well, the accounts would be a good place to start. And if he is looking for guidance his previous club Dooleys would be a good example. Their accounts provide far more detail about the club’s operations.

But there is a far bigger test of whether anything has changed under Veloz.

Apart from the lack of information in the accounts, Guilfoyle tried to make it as difficult as possible for members to get the accounts!

They were no available in the foyer. They were not even available at the office reception.

To get a copy of the accounts you had to go to Jan Ellks. Just Jan Ellks, no one else. She would then write down the members name on a sheet of paper to show to Guilfoyle!

And for the Section 41 Disclosures (required by law to be given to members), the ugly witch refused to hand them over unless she got a written request.

Other clubs put their accounts and disclosures on their websites where the whole world can see them!

And they do this because they have nothing to hide.

By the way, Patrick Campion and the committee fully backed Guilfoyle’s policy.

Save City Tatts Committee


“Just like Guilfoyle”!!

Marcelo Veloz was announced as the new CEO in late December.

But he only started working full-time at City Tatts on Monday, 20th February 2017.

Within two weeks reports started coming in from Dooleys where he had been general manager.

But something else happened during those two weeks.

People started to meet Veloz at City Tatts.

And there was a slightly worrying trend to the comments from those who met him:

  • “He’s a bit like Guilfoyle”
  • “He reminds me of Guilfoyle”
  • “He’s just like Guilfoyle”
  • “He’s got the same smirk as Guilfoyle”
  • “He’s like a smaller version of Guilfoyle”

Well, this can’t be good!

You would think this would be an alarm bell to any normal person who knows what has happened to City Tatts in recent years.

But then, maybe this is what Patrick Campion wanted.

Save City Tatts Committee