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How exactly did Marcelo Veloz get the City Tatts job?

The new CEO starts today.

But that raises the question.

How exactly did Marcelo Veloz land the City Tatts job?

Everything else about City Tatts is strange so we shouldn’t be surprised that the search for a new CEO was also strange.

As far as we can tell, this is what happened.

For three months there seemed to be no move of any kind to fill the position, except for a Michael Page ad that appeared on Seek on 25 May 2016 – and was taken down within 2 hours.

Apart from that – nothing. No recruitment agency seemed to have any knowledge of it. And when potential applicants approached the club directly they got the distinct impression that the position was already taken.

Then, around last August, rumours started circulating that they had found someone, and he would be starting in December. Shortly after that, the start date was pushed back to February 2017.

In a way, both of these rumours turned out to be correct. Veloz did start in December, but his official start date is February.

So was Veloz hired last August, or maybe it was last May?

Remember, the first official notice to members was on Christmas Eve, after Veloz was already a regular in the club.

Of course the Committee may have decided that filling the position wasn’t all that important.

After all, the club managed to go from 31 March last year to 1 February this year without any CEO!


Save City Tatts Committee


Straight Outta Cronulla!

So City Tatts went to Cronulla Leagues Club to find a new CEO.

Did City Tatts have any previous connection to Cronulla Leagues Club?

Yes, it did!

The previous general manager at Cronulla was Deborah Feening, who departed suddenly in 2011 following police investigations into her time as CEO at Club Marconi.

You may recall that her daughter-in-law was lucky enough to win a boat worth $36,000 at a Marconi raffle. Then, at Feening’s request, the boat dealer transferred $24,500 directly into Feening’s bank account.

What has this got to do with City Tatts, you ask?

Well, her son, Michael Feening, used to work at City Tatts!

He was hired as a Duty Manager around 2009.

And how did he get the job?

Tony Guilfoyle hired him!

Feening was at City Tatts for about a year before he left to run a hotel in Orange.

What hotel, you ask?

Why, the Great Western Hotel in Orange ….. owned by Tony Campolongo ….. who used to be the president of ….. Club Marconi!

Save City Tatts Committee

Brooke Faulkner didn’t last long

Yes, Brooke Faulkner is gone!

She first appeared in the club around November as a Gaming Supervisor, and was gone by mid January.

As far as we can tell, her main policy innovation was instructions on how to collect empty glasses, and directions to clean the tops of the poker machines.

For some reason this upset a lot of staff, with the union eventually being called in.

You have to remember that staff morale at City Tatts was decimated by Tony Guilfoyle’s 12 years as CEO. That’s worth repeating: Staff morale at City Tatts was decimated by Tony Guilfoyle’s 12 years as CEO.

Just put yourself in the position of an employee while Guilfoyle was CEO. You are doing your best to serve members, for award wages – but at the same time you know that an ugly witch like Jan Ellks is getting $130,000 a year to be Guilfoyle’s secretary. This was a very clear message to staff about what behaviour would be rewarded.

No wonder a lot of staff eventually said “What’s the point of making an effort”?

And that’s the ones who stayed. Plenty have left already because of Guilfoyle.

Now Brooke Faulkner understands City Tatts a little better.

We predict a similar learning process for Marcelo Veloz.

Save City Tatts Committee

A good test for Marcelo Veloz’s “deep experience” in property development!

A Chinese developer just paid $28 million for a residential development site in Linfield.

According to the story in the Australian Financial Review last Friday, they hope to build 68 apartments and townhouses there.


$28 million to buy the land to build 68 apartments and townhouses?

That works out at over $400,000 per dwelling.

And that’s in Linfield, 13 km from Sydney CBD.

The City Tatts “Second Preferred Developer” is hoping to build 267 apartments on the City Tatts site in Pitt Street, which is next to the Pitt Street Mall in the centre of Sydney CBD. And Pat Campion and Tony Guilfoyle agreed a deal where City Tatts would get …… $25 million.

That works out at $93,000 per unit.

Can anyone see anything wrong with this deal?

Pat Campion believes that the new CEO, Marcelo Veloz, has “deep experience” in property development.

Let’s see how he applies that “deep experience” to this matter.

Save City Tatts Committee


RSL NSW runs just like City Tatts

It’s been interesting to watch the revelations coming out of NSW RSL.

And each new revelation reminds you of something about City Tatts.

It seems that four members of the RSL NSW Council, including Rod White and Don Rowe, received $1 million in “consultancy fees” from RSL LifeCare, an aged care charity within the league.

They were on the board of RSL LifeCare and from 2013 to 2015 agreed to pay themselves the consultancy fees, and failed to disclose this to the RSL NSW State Council, or in the annual reports. Probably just forgot.

At the same time they also appeared to have encouraged donations to RSL LifeCare. The effect of this was to cause the allocation of more charitable donations to RSL LifeCare, and reduce the allocation to other parts of RSL NSW.

This looks like an exact replay of City Tatts and the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund.

John Kennedy, the Chairman of City Tatts before Patrick Campion, got millions in “promotion” fees from the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund. This was a super fund run from City Tatts for 20 years by Keith Free, the City Tatts Treasurer. (Keith Free is Mark Cooper’s uncle)

The “promotion” fees came from an illegal scheme rigged up by Kennedy and his three amigos: Peter Hayes-Williams, Ian Buxton and Peter Mueller. The only difference to the RSL is that the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund fees were far bigger.

The “promotion” explanation was totally bogus. It was just a skim operation. They saw a big pile of savings and their only thought was how to get a slice of it for themselves.

And, just like the RSL, Kennedy used to encourage City Tatts members and staff to put their super into the BSF, which would increase his fees.

To this day, there are members and staff who are filthy on Kennedy for this.

Save City Tatts Committee


Is an honest CEO even possible at City Tatts?

Regarding the problem of allowing the CEO to do an honest job, some have suggested a possible “solution”:

  • The Committee can tell Marcelo Veloz that all the rorts from the past are over
  • Marcelo Veloz can accept this “in good faith”

Maybe, but how long could this charade go on?

Just take the failed property development as an example. Let’s say Marcelo Veloz has a go at getting Guilfoyle’s development moving again. The first thing he will discover is that the entire scheme started with Patrick Campion placing an illegal mortgage on the club’s property. Is Marcelo Veloz really going to report this to Gaming & Racing, or Sydney City Council or the Law Society?

And what happens when he starts to look at restaurants and bars? He’s bound to realise there is something terribly wrong about a club food & beverage operation losing over $1 million a year. Guilfoyle was hopelessly incompetent, but these kind of losses go way beyond incompetence. Losses like these mean, basically, money is going missing or food is going missing. So will Veloz take action against those responsible for these horrendous losses?

And what about bluffers like Mark Lonngren? How long will Marcelo Veloz continue to pay Lonngren $100,000 a year for doing nothing? You could sack Lonngren today and every bit of maintenance in the club would get done just the same as it is now. In other words, he’s a carbon copy of his benefactor, Guilfoyle.

It’s very easy to give advice to staff about wiping down tables after a customer leaves, but the real test will be how the new CEO tackles the waste and corruption that cost the club millions under Guilfoyle.


Save City Tatts Committee


Memo to Mrs Cindy Guilfoyle

Dear Ex-Mrs Guilfoyle

It would be remiss of us not to let you know the following.

You’re ex-husband is slowly destroying your divorce settlement/payout on the tables and pokies at Star City Casino.

During these rather wanton and indiscriminate gambling binges he often has the pleasure of the girlfriend, Ms Kirsty Assad, by his side helping to spend your future payout, earned by the decades of hard labour you put in with him.

He has been observed in the high rollers room at the Star plunging your money through the slots and assisting Kirsty to play the machines of her choosing.

We think it is only fair that you should know all this.

Miss Management