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Did Channel 7 buy the rights from City Tatts?

Save City Tatts has watched the latest Channel 7 mini-series with keen interest.

This one hasn’t reached the small screen yet. Instead it’s being played out in real life at the Channel 7 head office, starring CEO Tim Worner and Amber Harrison.

It’s a spicy drama where the key elements are:

  • A married CEO having an affair with a younger female employee
  • Holiday trips with all flights and accommodation on the company credit card
  • The CEO’s sexual partners being compensated with promotions
  • Allegations of drug taking
  • And a board that responded to all this by extending the CEO’s contract

Does any of this sound familiar?

It certainly does to anyone who has watched the long-running City Tatts soap opera.

At least Channel 7 are now pretending to investigate by having a second “independent” inquiry (after the Sydney Morning Herald started asking questions). At City Tatts, the committee didn’t even bother doing that.

Apart from all the obvious issues this kind of thing does have an impact on other staff in the organisation. You have to wonder what the City Tatts HR department was doing during the 6 years it was going on at City Tatts.

As for the credit cards, they are talking about $200,000 at Channel 7, which is small change by City Tatts standards. Incidentally, Jimmy Chen tried to find out what was going through the City Tatts credit cards, but Mark Cooper and Tony Guilfoyle always refused to give him the details.

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We’d love to see Bineham in the Supreme Court!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the Johny Bineham matter goes to the Supreme Court?

Just think what that would mean.

If Bineham goes to the Supreme Court every part of Tony Guilfoyle’s insane mismanagement at City Tatts will be on public display.

And Patrick Campion will have to defend it!

And also explain his own role in the Club’s spiteful campaign against a Korean War veteran!

Then at the same time, Campion will also be appearing at the Land and Environment Court – to defend Guilfoyle’s corrupt and stupid property development!

And people complain that the Committee don’t provide enough entertainment?

Bring it on, Bino!

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Johny Bineham – Back in the club?

Johny Bineham was sighted in the club on Monday. He was there for another hearing with the Committee.

As you know, right from the start we were convinced the Committee had decided that Bineham would never get back into the club. Which means that the arbitration concocted by Guilfoyle was an obvious farce, simply part of the plan to keep Bineham out permanently.

But with Guilfoyle gone the sentiment among the Committee has changed.

First, it was always Guilfoyle who was determined to keep Bineham out. Well, Guilfoyle was the one with most to lose from Bineham’s book. The truth is that half of the Committee don’t care that much, one way or the other, about Bineham.

Also, as you might expect, there has been a subtle attempt by some of the Committee to distance themselves from anything to do with Guilfoyle. So now they are not as keen to be seen still supporting one of his schemes.

But there is a bigger problem with the Bineham case, which some of the Committee must have realised.

The Committee expelled Bineham mainly for what he wrote about Guilfoyle’s mismanagement. But now they have sacked Guilfoyle (and Kirsty Assad). This means they have eventually come around to agreeing with what Bineham said two years ago. So if they continue to spend members money to keep Bineham out, how do they later justify this to members, or newspapers, or in court?

And make no mistake, they have spent serious money on Bineham.

It is generally accepted that they have spent at least $100,000 already. One legal expert says it is more like $200,000. That is an amazing figure, but then amazing figures at City Tatts usually turn out to be right. Just think of the amount given to Jan Ellks, or spent on radio advertising, or motorised mannequins etc etc.

But, for whatever reason, it is clear that the Committee are getting very nervous about the whole Bineham matter.

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