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Aust Super buys Ausgrid – Maybe they’ll buy Campion’s leasehold apartments too!

IFM and Australian Super has bought 50% of Ausgrid, the electricity network, for $16 billion.

To be exact, they secured a 99 year lease on the assets, which is normal for these privatisation deals.

That got us thinking.

Maybe they’ll buy Patrick Campion’s leasehold apartments as well!

Remember them?

Campion told members that when the apartments were constructed the club would always retain ownership, because they would be sold as a 99 year lease only.

Maybe the IFM/Austtralian Super consortium could be persuaded to put in a bid for these 99 year leasehold apartments.

City Tatts could even follow the NSW government’s example and not bother to put it out to tender. City Tatts is already familiar with this approach. They used “expert advice” (Colliers) and an “independent transactions committee” (Colliers and Tony Guilfoyle) when they sold (donated?) the City Tatts site to the only bidder, a Chinese developer, for $25 million.

There should be no national security concerns with Campion’s apartments, so Chinese bidders are encouraged.

But finding even one buyer might be a problem.

First, Campion would have to convince the buyer that the apartments will actually be built.

That will not be easy. Every statement by Campion so far about the “progress” of the development has turned out to be garbage. So completion looks a long way off. Actually, even starting looks a long way off.

So Campion might have to drop the price a little. Or maybe he could sell them as bare concrete shells where the buyer has to finish the job, just like the club’s new floors.

Using the $25 million for the site as a guide, how about $10 million for all 200 leasehold apartments in one line?

Save City Tatts Committee


Sterndale-Smith – Legend in his own lunchtime!

There is no fasting in the Michael Sterndale-Smith stable.

The fasting growing group at City Tattersalls Club is the Sterndale-Smith eating group. (Well, that and Life Members)

Members report that Sterndale-Smith has a lunch group who join him regularly for free food in the club. Apparently this group has grown in number recently. Surely Sterndale-Smith couldn’t be on the gravy train as well, or could he?

Well he has been known to like a freebie as club regulars know and discuss.

He also has a penchant for blowing his own trumpet. In other words he loves to tell all and sundry how good he is and why you need his help, for a fee of course. What better way to “grow your own brand” and “network” than taking your clients to City Tatts for lunch, Michael’s shout of course. Except that lunch is not paid for by Sterndale-Smith. It’s a freebie on the club, under the guise of committee entertainment.

Basically he operates the same as Guilfoyle operated for so long. No wonder he endorsed everything Guilfoyle did, and protected him, for six odd years.

Birds of a feather flock together.

Next time you see him in the club, ask to join his lunch group. If you do, maybe you will find yourself in the Guinness Book of Records for being part of the world’s biggest free foodfest, because at the rate he is going our man Sterndale-Smith is on target to break the record.

And by the way, when you’re talking to him ask him how the art gallery scam is going. You know, the scheme he rigged up where City Tatts pays $1000 a week to an art gallery to act as their showroom, and the art gallery pockets the proceeds of any sales.

Miss Management


All quiet on the Campion front

You’ve probably noticed that the City Tatts Chief Liar, Patrick Campion, hasn’t had much to say lately.

There’s a few reasons for that.

First, the property development that Campion promoted for years is on it’s last legs, a prime example of flogging a dead horse. It has been at the Land and Environment Court since June and made no progress whatsoever.

In fact, there really has been no progress in the entire 18 months that the replacement developer has been involved.

The only thing remaining to be decided is the exact form of the final rejection – and how that failure will be presented, or more likely misrepresented, to members.

Another reason for saying nothing is that City Tatts still has no CEO, and hasn’t had one for 6 months. You can understand why Campion would want to keep quiet about that. He defended Guilfoyle for years and now it is obvious that he was so useless the Club runs better without any CEO!

Incidentally, there is no sign of any attempt to find a new CEO.

The last reason Campion is keeping a low profile is that he knows all his lies, stupidity and corruption will be relentlessly exposed, and ridiculed, on the internet. So it’s probably better to say nothing.

Save City Tatts Committee


Corrupt Campion’s path to a property fraud – Step 10. The “Interim Club”

Patrick Campion lied to members the whole way through the attempted property development.

One of the biggest lies was the so-called “interim club”.

Campion (and Guilfoyle) told members that the club would remain open at 202-204 Pitt Street while a 48 storey block of apartments was constructed on the club’s site.

The only reason for saying this was to convince members to approve the development. Campion and Guilfoyle must have known that the club would have to close for 3 or 4 years during construction. But they also knew that could be enough to turn members against the development and vote it down.

So they had to tell members that part of the club would remain open. Telling the truth was just too risky.

But even by City Tatts standards the “interim club” was a really stupid idea. (See previous blog “Guilfoyle’s property development is dead – No interim club“)

First, it would have required building a massive 7 storey wall to split the club in two. This was a major building project in itself and would have cost millions.

And if the “Wailing Wall” was ever completed, the small part of the club to be used as a temporary club still needed a lot of work to function as a self contained unit. For instance, the existing centralised kitchen would be divided in two by the new wall.

The way City Tatts spent money on building projects under Campion and Guilfoyle you could safely estimate on the wall and fit-out costing $5 million of the $25 million received from the developer.

And what about the construction safety issues? Do you know of any shop, office or club in the CBD that remained open while a 48 storey tower was constructed over it?

And what would happen to the “Wailing Wall” if the development was completed? Would it just stay there forever? Wouldn’t that defeat the whole object of getting new club premises with modern open plan floors?

But let’s be clear, this “interim club” idea was never a serious plan. It’s only purpose was to get members to approve the development.

It was only a matter of time before Campion announced to members that the “interim club” was “not feasible” due to “unforeseen” problems.

You have to wonder what the City of Sydney planning division thought of it.

Save City Tatts Committee



It’s enough to cause Fitz

It’s enough to give you a case of the Fitz, isn’t it?

Apparently Linda Fitzhardinge and Fruitjuice Berry have an issue with City Tattersalls staff.

These two imposters already have it laid on. Free food, free drinks. Now they have complained that the staff don’t recognise them. Can you believe it? These two idiots actually think they are not recognised enough around the club by staff and have made their feelings known to management. If it wasn’t so funny it might be sad.

To right this wrong how about this. Why don’t the club management get large red carpets laid in the club foyer emblazoned with the faces of these two ego driven idiots.That way, the members and staff could recognise them and wipe their feet on them at the same time.

We think that’s only fair considering how may times Fitzhardinge and Berry wiped their feet on the members faces when defending Guilfoyle on countless occasions prior to his sudden departure from the throne.

Miss Management

Gilligan’s Island comes to City Tatts!

Those old enough would remember City Tatts as a place to go for great entertainment. That was before Guilfoyle commenced his destruction plan and all entertainment got the flick.

Now that Guilfoyle has been given the royal order of the boot we think it only appropriate that the remaining loyal servants from Guilfoyle’s inner circle give something back and entertain the members.

The ideal show to put on would be Gilligan’s Island.

In the real Gilligan’s Island, Gilligan was portrayed as a complete fool, an imbecile. We think Patrick Campion would be the best person to play this role because he wouldn’t need any training – he already is the complete imbecile.

The Skipper would have to be Mark Cooper because in the show the skipper had all the navigational equipment on the SS Minnow to sail safely around the equivalent of a bathtub only to crash the little boat on a deserted island. Just like Mark Cooper has all the navigational equipment such as P&L reports, balance sheets, excel spreadsheets, a small army of consultants and five personal assistants doing everything he should be doing, only to steer City Tatts on to the rocks.

The professor on the show knew everything, was the smartest man on the ship but delivered absolutely nothing. What a useless piece of excess baggage the professor was and for this reason Martyn “Fruitjuice” Berry is perfect for the City Tatts production.

Now to Mary Ann. On the show she did very little. She was a total waste of space, paid to turn up. Who does this remind you of? Jan Ellks of course. Totally useless and paid to turn up and do very little. If the cap fits wear it, we say.

The delectable Ginger was easy on the eye but sadly not good for anything except a bit of slap and tickle. For this part we recommend that Tania Purdy be parachuted back into City Tatts and give some real value to members for the hundreds of thousands of dollars she earned, albeit lying down.

And last but not least Mr and Mrs Howell. Who else but Mr Guilfoyle and Ms Assad for those roles. Guilfoyle would be in his element swanning around in his company-paid clobber, looking important, and delivering scripted lines to explain the latest disaster.

Well there you have it, the next money making scheme for City Tatts, a remake of Gilligan’s Island. We think it would be more successful than the coffee cart (remember that?) but nowhere as popular as the smorgasbord.

Miss Management