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Corrupt Campion’s path to a property fraud – Step 1. The Decision to Develop

The whole City Tatts property development was dishonest from the start.

It never made any sense.

City Tatts already had everything it needed to be a members club.

The only people pushing for a property development were those who would make money from it.

And the deal agreed with Mirvac proved that it made no sense for the Club – because Mirvac got all the profits from 200 apartments, while City Tatts went from a fully furnished building to an empty concrete shell that would cost millions to fit-out.

After three years and sixteen meetings of telling members what a great idea it was, Patrick Campion finally admitted at the last meeting that the Club would need to borrow at least $7 million to complete the fit-out of it’s new floors.

That one simple fact proved that the development made no sense for the Club.

It’s very simple, Robert McCuaig from Colliers and Tony Guilfoyle saw the chance to make millions from the City Tatts site – and they knew that Campion and the dumb committee would go along with it.

Remember, Campion is not just the Chairman. Under the City Tattersall’s Club Act he is a trustee of the Club’s land and buildings on behalf of members.

If Clinch Long Letherbarrow owned the building they operate from, and Patrick Campion went to the partners there and told them how he had negotiated a similar deal for their building with Robert McCuaig they would have sacked him on the spot – and gone to the fraud squad.

The City Tatts property scheme was fraud all the way.

And Patrick Campion will go to jail for it.

Save City Tatts Committee


Kirsty is back in town!

Members of City Tatts, how fortuitous. We were strolling through a well known eatery and what did we see, the beautiful and luscious Kirsty Assad having lunch with another beautiful young lass well known to the City Tattersalls faithful.

Kirsty was full of news, and what she has told people about her rather hasty departure on 31st March is mind blowing.

We are just following up a few leads of enquiry to ascertain if what she said was right. We hope it is because if so it will close a very large chapter in the death and destruction of City Tatts and bring down a lot of people.

Thanks for spilling your guts, Kirsty, and we can fully understand why you are so filthy on the club and the disgusting creature who used you for personal gain and sexual gratification.

We can see how equally upset you are by those still there who knew what was happening and just stood in the shadows while you were used and abused.

Don’t worry, you will recover and reach the mantle of “KINGPIN” again someday.

Best of luck DARLING. To relax take a trip on the HARBOUR.

Miss Management



City Tatts secretary is oldest employee with lifespan of up to 400 years

City Tatts secretaries can live as long as 400 years, making them the Earth’s longest-living secretaries, international researchers say.

Their slow work rate of about one letter per week contributes to their exceptionally long lives, beating out other well-known secretaries such as Tinkerbellus and Executive Barbieus.

The only species known to live longer is a type of leech, the Gill Foiled leech, now thought to be extinct.

Known formally as Janus Taree, the City Tatts secretary has the largest intake of any secretary in Australia, growing to over $130,000.

The report also said the secretary takes about 150 hours to type a letter.

The study relied on forensic techniques, applied to females caught unintentionally in the dragnet.

Researchers can learn about the age of secretaries by tracing their migratory patterns from the mid-north coast of NSW.

While the secretaries can reach nearly 400 years old, the average lifespan is believed to be about 2 years, when the leech loses interest.

If a secretary aged 400 years was alive today, she would have been born in the same year William Shakespeare died, James 1 was on the throne of England, Galileo met the pope and City Tatts still owned it’s own building in Pitt Street free and clear.

Co-authors of the study came from the Greenland Institute of Diminishing Resources, the National Crime Authority, the Arthritic University of Norway, Indiana Round The Bend University, the University of Oxfam and the Virginia Institute of Witchcraft.

Save City Tatts Committee


David Jones sale price proves City Tatts deal was fraud

David Jones’ Market Street property was sold during the week for $360 million.

The City Tatts site is smaller and doesn’t have parking but even allowing for that it has to be worth at least $180 million. Especially when a big part of the value of both sites is the potential to build apartments above.

Now let’s look at the deal Tony Guilfoyle agreed with Robert McCuaig from Colliers.

Remember City Tatts already had a complete club with restaurants, bars, gyms, gaming areas and meeting rooms, all fitted out, fully furnished, fully equipped and fully functioning.

They were going to get basically the same space in the new club. So even if they got the same fitted out, fully furnished, fully equipped facilities, there was no actual benefit to City Tatts, none whatsoever.

But City Tatts didn’t even get that. Instead Guilfoyle proposed, and Patrick Campion agreed, to accept 7 bare concrete floors in the new building -all of which would have to be fitted out at the Club’s expense.

Property experts estimated that the fit-out would cost $2 million per floor. And then there was the cost of preparing the idiotic “Interim Club” which would have cost a few million more. So in all probability the 7 floors and the “Interim Club” would have cost close to $20 million, based on Peter Georgeson’s track record on previous projects.

So out of the $25 million the developer offered, the Club might end up with $5 million.

Guilfoyle also included a hotel in the plans, although it might not make it to the final design. Even if it did happen there is no reason to believe it would ever make a cent for members. Well, Zest restaurant has never made a cent in 10 years.

So basically City Tatts did this deal for $5 million – while a developer kept all the profits from selling 200 apartments in the centre of Sydney CBD.

It is obvious that City Tatts would have to get at least $100 million from a developer to reflect the real value of the site.

The Guilfoyle scheme can not be described as “a poor deal”.

It was fraud, pure and simple.

It’s time for members to go to the police.

Save City Tatts Committee


Jet Set Jan shows City Tatts is more rotten than we thought

So Jan Ellks flies in from Taree to act as secretary at City Tatts?

This is truly bizarre – even by City Tatts standards.

But it is also giving us vital information.

For any of you out there who doubted that City Tatts was rotten to the core, this is your wake up call. The club must be more rotten than we thought.

This news, combined with the push to make Mark Cooper permanent CEO, tells us how desperate the inner circle is to prevent an outsider getting a look at what goes on.

It was common knowledge around the club that a new CEO would be a disaster for Pat Campion, the Committee, and the remaining chosen few of overpaid employees – because all the rorts, past and present, would be exposed. (See previous blog They might stick with Mark Cooper).

Now it seems that even a new secretary is too much of a risk!

If a normal club had a secretary on $130,000 they would sack her today, or be delighted that she left.

To fly someone in from Taree can only mean no one else can be allowed to know what Jan knows. She can’t be sacked!

This could be the tipping point to send Jan to jail.

Save City Tatts Committee


Mark Cooper as CEO?

If Guilfoyle could cause so much damage and destruction in 13 years as CEO, after working in the club for 20 odd years prior, just think about this.

Guilfoyle’s best mate inside City Tatts for all those years was Mark Cooper.

Who is Mark Cooper you might ask?

He is the club’s financial controller, the chief bean counter, the person most responsible for the club’s sad decline and bleak future after Guilfoyle. Still confused as to who he is? You might recognise him around the club as the roly poly chap who appears harmless on the surface but really is a snake in the grass.

He is the guy who befriended anyone Guilfoyle wanted “sounded out”, picked their brains or got them to speak openly, and then reported back to Guilfoyle about the “confidential” conversations. He then sat back and pretended to be everyone’s friend while Guilfoyle went about his dirty work.

Now he is the acting CEO and set to be made permanent.

What an unmitigated disaster that would be for the club because quite simply he is a Guilfoyle clone. The only difference is that Cooper is a few stone heavier.

This might seem like a harsh assessment but before you pass judgement please consider this:

  • Cooper has worked at City Tattersalls Club longer than Guilfoyle. This indicates that no one else ever considered employing him.
  • Cooper was Guilfoyle’s henchman for over 20 years. This shows he wasn’t interested in advancing in a professional way but would rather get massive money to be led by a dictator.
  • Cooper obviously displayed the traits that Guilfoyle wanted in his team. That would have to be the worst possible recommendation for any potential CEO.
  • If the club sticks with Mark Cooper it is only going to get more of the same. Guilfoyle was a fraud and Mark Cooper is from the exact same mould.

Beware, members of City Tattersalls Club. Your club will go under sooner rather than later if this buffoon Cooper is left with the keys to the safe.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Miss Management

The Bronwyn Bishop of City Tatts!

We’ve said it before, many times, and we’ll say it again. Truth is stranger than fiction at City Tatts.

Remember Bronwyn Bishop?

She ended up as the Speaker in the House of Representatives after a long parliamentary career.

But she was forced to resign over the public outcry about spending $5,000 to charter a helicopter from Melbourne to Geelong to attend a Liberal Party fundraiser, and claiming it as an official trip.

What has this to do with City Tatts, you ask?

Well, City Tattersalls Club has it’s own Bronwyn Bishop. She is called Jan Ellks.

You all know Jan Ellks, the most overpaid secretary in Sydney.

But what you may not know is that Jan lives in Taree.

Yes, Taree!


We are not making this up!

You can ask her yourself, if you can find her on the second floor.

So how much is this costing the club?

You can bet it’s a lot more than the $5,000 that cost Bronwyn Bishop her job.

Do you think Jan will resign over this?

Save City Tatts Committee