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Diversa and OneVue merger

The name Diversa would be familiar to many readers of this blog.

They are listed on the ASX and are in the process of merging with (or being taken over by) OneVue.

They are well known to our readers because of their involvement with the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund.

Diversa was a shell company in 2009 when it bought the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund “promotion scheme” from the 4 original trustees of the fund, John Kennedy, Peter Hayes-Williams, Ian Buxton and Peter Mueller.


This means Diversa’s entire move into funds administration is based on fraud.

Diversa later changed the name of the fund to Progress Superannuation Fund.

It is really amazing that so many experts have looked at this fraud and not reported it. Just think of all the directors, investment bankers, lawyers, accountants and authorities like ASIC and APRA who have looked at it since 2009 – and not one reported that it was illegal?

A few weeks ago the ASX took the rare step of halting the listing of Guvera because of doubts over the prospects for the business. But no one at the ASX has any problem with Diversa?

Strange to say, Equity Trustees has recently notified Diversa of a potential claim relating to Diversa’s role as administrator of the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund in 2009.

Save City Tatts Committee


Johny Bineham back in the club!

Johny Bineham was sighted in the club on Wednesday.

Remember him?

He was the man who wrote The Destruction of City Tattersalls Club, which gave us the priceless descriptions of Tony Guilfoyle and Patrick Campion as Tweedledum, the CEO who is never wrong, and Tweedledee, the Chairman who is always right.

So is Bineham back in the club?

Not really.

He was there to attend his arbitration hearing – with Patrick Campion.

It is now 2 years since he was suspended – without a hearing. The Committee’s strategy was to keep stalling with legal posturing, hoping he would go away.

Actually, the 2 year delay has helped him in one way. A lot of what he said has been proved right in the meantime.

He lampooned Guilfoyle’s abject failure as CEO – and he’s gone. And he had serious doubts about the property development – which is now a complete shambles. Whether this will have any effect on the arbitrator is hard to say.

Here at Save City Tatts we are convinced that regardless of what the arbitrator decides, the Committee has already decided that Bineham is never getting back into the club.

Also Guilfoyle was in the club the same day, probably as a witness. Apparently he has aged 5 years since March.

Save City Tatts Committee


What makes a good Chairman?

What does it take to be a good chairman?

Good question.

The late Joe Taylor would turn in his grave if he could see what has become of his club.

For those of you who didn’t know him Joe was a gentleman. He was tough but fair. He was an exceptional businessman and could smell a con artist. He was responsible for the club’s future by allowing women in as members in the mid 60s. A visionary and leader of great proportions.

The late Laurie Taylor was another fine chap. A people’s person. A gentleman of the turf and a great reader of people. He wasn’t as forthright as Joe Taylor with his opinions, but he made you understand the message all the same. A delight to be around.

These two gents were worthy chairmen and if you were looking for role models you would study them closely.

Moving along, the next in line was John Healy. If you don’t know much of him, well, he was a religious hypocrite, a devout pervert, nothing more than a lecherous scumbag where women were concerned. He was also a gym junkie who judged people by how fast they could run 10k or by how many push-ups they could do in a minute. Compared to Joe and Laurie, Healy was a complete fool as chairman.

Healy was succeeded by John Kennedy. Not much to say about this grub except he was a thief. This self-serving dirtbag got his snout in the trough of the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund and has dined out on the proceeds ever since. Of course he can’t show his face in public after ripping off his mates.

And so we come to our current, but soon to be disposed, chairman, Patrick Campion. He has been described as a study in weakness. How true. This gutless excuse for a chairman is a pale imitation of what a real chairman should be. An example of this happened recently when he was missing in action and left a staff member to do his job. We refer to getting Jan Ellks to meet Guilfoyle when he came into the club to collect his belongings. What would Joe Taylor have done in these circumstances? He would have made sure he was there. He would have checked everything that Guilfoyle took from the Club. Then he would have kicked Guilfoyle so hard up the Khyber Pass on the way out that he would have sailed over the Gowings building and landed somewhere near the fish markets.

Miss Management


DA increased the value of land by $21 million?

Many readers will remember Patrick Campion’s claim that the $21 million increase in the value of land and buildings in the accounts was due to the attempted property development.

He made that claim in the Club magazine in early May. Everyone who read it, and who knew the troubled history of the property development, said it was nonsense.

It was exposed, and ridiculed, at the time in a blog “Campion’s lies getting more desperate“.

But it took a little longer to reveal just how dishonest it was.

On the 8th of June (just after the AGM) Campion finally admitted that the council had refused to approve Guilfoyle’s plan – after looking at it for 2 years! 

In other words, the attempted property development had achieved nothing. And this is the DA that was “proceeding well”.

Campion’s spurious claim about the worth of the property development was always a lie, but now it was publicly exposed as a lie, within 6 weeks. Remember, there were blogs last year saying the DA was stalled at council.

Now do you see why we are certain that Campion will go to jail?

It is only a matter of time before Campion’s lies are seen as an essential part of the conspiracy to hand the Club’s site to a developer, for a pittance.

Save City Tatts Committee


TB alert at City Tattersalls Club

TB has been found at City Tatts.

This is serious. TB is contagious. It must be cured and fast.

TB or to the uninitiated, Tuberculosis, is a severe medical condition.

But the TB we are referring to is far more dangerous.

This TB is the famous City Tatts “executive chef”, Trevelyan Bale.

Yes, Trevie, to his friends, has been seen attempting to pick over the Guilfoyle carcass. What loyalty this yellow bellied gutless ponce has. He worked in concert with Guilfoyle for enormous personal gain, while the entire Food and Beverage operation lost millions. Guilfoyle would scream at him and he would roll over and play tricks.

Now seriously, what was Trevie doing in City Tatts about six weeks ago?

Maybe he was:

  1. Applying for the top job
  2. Cooking Mark Cooper’s favourite meal
  3. Trying to find out how much the police knew
  4. Answering questions about what went on with the restaurants while he was in charge

If it wasn’t number 4 it won’t be long before that happens.

Trevie will have a lot to answer about the rorting, stealing and misappropriation of club property during his time as “executive chef”.

Good luck, old chap.

Miss Management



Another $106,000 for Mark Lonngren

Mark Lonngren got another $106,000 from City Tatts in 2015.

That is the 6th year in a row he was paid over $100,000, and officially makes him a member of the City Tatts Million Dollar Club.

We have updated the February 2016 blog, Mark Lonngren – an expensive bluffer, to include the 2015 amount.

With Lonngren the question is always: What did he actually do for the money?

At first he was said to be the maintenance manager. The only problem with that is there already was a full maintenance team at City Tatts who managed to do all the maintenance without him.

Then he was described as an interior designer. But there has been no project in the club for at least 3 years that required any interior design.

It seems that for the last few years he was working on the interiors of the Mirvac apartments. It’s a mystery why he would be doing that. Mirvac managed to design thousands of apartments long before they came across City Tatts. They wouldn’t be waiting on a bluffer like Lonngren to tell them how to do it. Even more strange, there were reports that the “Marketing Manager”, Kirsty Assad, was also involved in the design of the Mirvac apartments.

In any case, once Mirvac dropped the City Tatts project anything Lonngren did was worthless.

Lonngren was a key member of Guilfoyle’s inner circle of highly paid “consultants”. Now that Guilfoyle is gone you have to wonder how long the gravy train will run for Lonngren.

Save City Tatts Committee

Did you hear the one about the missing wine?

Apparently $5 million of fine wines have gone missing from a Sydney storage facility.

Police are investigating and hope to get to the bottom of the matter soon. For more information all you need to do is look at the website and request the page Wine collection worth $5m missing from NSW.

Now while we are talking about the topic it might be worth a little bo peep into the wine that was in storage at the Wine Ark storage facility arranged by Tony Guilfoyle a few years ago.

You see Guilfoyle purchased, on the club’s behalf, heaps of prestigious wines under the guise of “investing” for the future. The purchase was to service a non-existent market that, as Guilfoyle put it, would pay top dollar for the best grapes.

Needless to say, the wine investment didn’t materialise as the genius Guilfoyle thought.

Ok, so the wine didn’t get sold to members in the club but it’s still in storage, right?

Wrong, it’s gone … all gone.

But where to? Where did all this wine go?

A little birdie told us that it went from storage to a large bottle shop in Mascot whose owner just happens to be a close relation of a director of City Tatts. At this point we don’t want to say too much, so let’s just say that it might be a past director or a current director.

With that cryptic message out of the way we can say that the director has form and was working in cahoots with Guilfoyle. What a pity, because when Guilfoyle is held to account, so will this miserable excuse for a director.

And let’s be frank here, the amount of wine belonging to the club gone missing is massive, and theft being a crime will drop all those involved in the poo well and truly.

One person who will be called to account is Chief Bean Counter, Mr Mark Cooper, because after all he should be able to tell where the wine is. But clearly he won’t be able to, because it’s gone. Now we know it’s gone and so does Mark. So why wasn’t this raised earlier by the bean counter?

See what we mean? Big trouble is looming.

Can’t wait.

Miss Management