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An unnecessary delaying factor!

Just a brief comment on something Patrick Campion said to members in his latest property update.

It’s another example of how dishonest he has become. But it is also very funny, and rather stupid.

Campion mentioned the Council requirement to have a design competition and said “some members may regard this as an unnecessary delaying factor”!!

Does Campion really expect anyone to believe that members are coming up to him and saying “Gee, Pat, this design competition is an unnecessary delaying factor”?


But it is absolutely what Campion thinks. Because every delay is a big problem for him.

Campion blindly followed Guilfoyle into an insane property plan, even though it made no sense for the Club.

Now that Guilfoyle is gone Campion has to pretend that nothing has changed, otherwise he admits that it was always Guilfoyle’s idea.

We’ll see how long he keeps it up.

Still, it must make for interesting reading down at the Council.

Save City Tatts Committee


Design Competition with leading architects?

According to Patrick Campion, the Council will require the Club or the Developer to undertake a Design Competition “involving four or five leading Architectural firms”.

Well, good luck with that.

Exactly which “leading architectural firm” would get involved with City Tatts now?

The one that are involved are trying to get away!

This is shaping up as a re-run of the attempts to find a second developer.

After Mirvac walked away, Campion and Guilfoyle could not find one leading developer to get involved with City Tatts.

Campion couldn’t hide his irritation at the Design Competition and hinted that it was “an unnecessary delaying factor”.

This Design Competition will be a very amusing process!

Save City Tatts Committee


Shortest AGM ever!

Reports are coming in from last Tuesday’s Annual General Meeting.

Apparently it was the shortest ever – just one hour!

This proves what members have said for years: it was only Guilfoyle’s insane self-promotion that made meetings so long.

Campion mentioned Guilfoyle’s departure but said almost nothing. He tried to make out that they simply couldn’t agree on a new contract with him, just normal contract negotiations.

Hmmm, let’s think about this.

Guilfoyle had the best, and easiest, job in Sydney. He was getting $12,000 a week. He was doing little or nothing for this. He didn’t even have to be there. And most of all, he did not have to produce any result, total failure at everything was quite acceptable.

He would never have given that up. He would only have left under duress.

And why would “failure to agree a new contract” with Guilfoyle also require the “marketing manager”, Kirsty Assad, to resign – on the same night!

The attempted property development got a brief mention.

Campion said they were making “big efforts” to get Stage 1 Development Approval.

This means the council have recently told him that his development has hit a brickwall at council (or is that a Wailing Wall?).

Save City Tatts Committee


Analysis of Campion’s two recent statements

Patrick Campion issued two statements in the week leading up to the AGM, the second one on the morning of the AGM.

The first statement was about the property development. It was a long statement but there was nothing new in it. Basically it was a list of excuses why he still hasn’t got Stage 1 Development Approval from the council.

Reading between the lines, it is clear that they are getting very negative feedback from the council about the whole scheme.

But that is not a reason to issue a statement to members. In fact, for Campion, that is normally a reason to say nothing.

So why this sudden urge to speak to members?

Basically it was a response to the blogs.

It is clear that Campion is now very concerned about the blogs.

The blogs have consistently exposed the waste and corruption throughout the club, and in the attempted property development.

If you go back and pick any blog at random about the development, you will see that not only were they correct about what was going on, they were usually right in predicting on what would happen next.

For example, at a time when Campion was telling members about the great progress Mirvac were making, there were blogs clearly stating that Mirvac were ready to drop the whole project – which they did.

So a series of blogs in the past three weeks, pointing out that Campion’s claims on the progress of the DA were all lies, prompted the statement.

The second Campion statement, on the morning of the AGM, was about Tony Guilfoyle’s departure. But, again, it was a totally useless statement that explained nothing.

It was simply a response to the blogs.

Save City Tatts Committee

Publicity Statement by Tweedledee in relation to Tweedledum

May 24th, 2016 (I had to hurry, the AGM is tonight)

The Club confirms that the enrichment of its self-serving Chief Executive Officer (LOL), Tony Guilfoyle has come to an amazing conclusion. This required a special committee meeting, the police, Fruitjuice Berry acting as sentry, and the simultaneous sacking of the “marketing manager” Tinker Bell. In other words, just a normal day at City Tatts.

Tony and I have not been able to settle terms on a new conspiracy.

Tony leaves the Club with $6 million in accumulated salary and the contempt of members for his long and deliberate sloth at the Club for 32 years, including the last 13 years as Chief Looter. During this period as Chief Looter Tony was the deranged fool, with the support of the sleeping Committee, on the confused development plan for the Club, which has polluted its reputation within the Sydney CBD market, and the Club’s airhead development, in respect of which the corrupt deal with the developer provides for a minimum profit of $50 million to be handed to the developer, and offers absolutely nothing for the Club.

As a final note, the blogs have become a serious problem for me and I highly recommend the fair and accurate accounts concerning Tony and me on social media by obviously well-informed parties (and by that I mean Save City Tatts). The Club confirms that these accounts are consistently right, such as the blogs about Guilfoyles incompetence, Mirvac walking away, the problems finding a second developer, the stalled DA, etc, etc,etc.

The Committee is sure that the members will join it in blaming Tony for the destructtion of the Club and wish him, and Tinker Bell, good luck in court.

Yours Dishonestly

Tweedledee (Patrick Campion)

Chief Liar

City Tattersalls Club


Airhead Development – Tweedledee – May 2016

Dear Remaining Members

The Airhead Development is not going well and much damage continues to be done to the Club by the developer.

As you will appreciate, the development is a very dishonest one, not just for our Club but for the city in general. For that reason, the Council is being particularly careful and exacting in it’s consideration, and also because they are avid readers of the Save City Tatts blog.

The Stage 1 Development Application (DA) currently before the Council (you know, the second one) fails to deal with the major planning issues, which is why it is taking so long. These include:

  • Setbacks caused by Tweedledum’s sudden exit
  • Consecration of Mark Cooper as CEO
  • Protection of Tweedledum’s interest in the hotel
  • Impossible road and pedestrian traffic problems
  • Important future planned transport projects including the light rail and the CBD Metro tunnels, which means there is no way in hell Council will allow us to clog up Pitt Street for four years just so Guilfoyle can make a quid

The above matters cannot be dealt with by Peter Georgeson. The Club has lost whatever credibility it ever had with the Council and has not submitted the additional information requested by the Council, which makes the assessment process as confused as possible.

We are currently awaiting the Council’s assessment and determination of the Stage 1 DA, just like we have been for two years. I previously told you approval was expected in the first half of this year, however it is now clear the blogs were right all along and it will not be until the second half of next year, if it ever happens.

In the unlikely event of getting approval, the Club/Developer will be required to undertake a Resign Competition involving four or five (four-five) leading Architectural firms – and Peter Georgeson. Tinker Bell will choose the best designed building for the Club and it’s longitude.

This is a marvellous process required by the Council and although myself and Tweedledum regard it as an unnecessary delaying factor, this process will preserve the Club’s future.

Most of the Committee never really cared for this project. It was Tweedledum’s overwhelming greed that gave your Committee the command to enter into the Development Mandarin Agreement with the Developer. This Agreement was signed on 22 December 2015 and the project has gone nowhere since.

Our next big millstone in this exhausting journey will be the Council approval of the Stage 1 DA so we will continue to deceive members, as it is unlikely to occur in your lifetime.

Tweedledee (Patrick Campion)

Chief Liar

City Tattersalls Club

PS. I no longer know what day it is, so I stopped putting dates on my Airhead Development updates


Preview of what Campion will say at the AGM

Here is a preview of things Patrick Campion will say at the AGM on Tuesday.

Some of them will be funny. Some of them will be stupid. But you can bet all of them will be dishonest.

1Tony Guilfoyle’s departure doesn’t matter

This one puts Campion in an impossible position.

The simple indisputable truth is that every part of the Club is running exactly the same without Guilfoyle! He has not been missed in any way, shape or form. It is clear he was paid $12,000 a week for nothing.

So Campion will want to downplay his sudden exit, saying it’s no big deal. But by saying that, he is admitting that Guilfoyle got $12,000 a week for nothing.

2 “The property development is going well

The attempt at a property development is a complete shambles. Anything that could go wrong has gone wrong.

Every prediction on this and other blogs has been proved correct – which means Campion has lied to members for years.

And some of the key players in the property scheme are now VERY NERVOUS.

3 “I am not losing my mind

It’s getting harder for Campion to hide the rage inside him. He now realises jail is a real possibility.

A few recent outbursts show he is getting closer to a breakdown.


Save City Tatts Committee