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What have we learned without Tweedledum? (1)

On the last day of March Tweedledum and Tinker Bell were marched off the premises.

Today is the last day of April.

So what have we learned without Tweedledum?


The only conclusion is that he was doing very little to manage the Club.

Basically, most observers have known this for a long time.

Firstly, he only spent 3 days a week in the Club. And out of that you have to subtract the time spent with Tania, and later with Kirsty.

But the majority of his time and effort was devoted to defending himself against members.

Since 2006, Tweedledum has been under attack from every side. His total incompetence caused letters from members, member complaints, questions at meetings, investigations by the Department of Gaming & Racing, questions in parliament and being exposed in The Destruction of City Tattersalls Club – most of which also required many meetings with Bartier Perry.

There really was very little time left over to run the Club.

Save City Tatts Committee



Tweedledee’s Advice To Members – 27 April 2016


Dear Remaining Members

There was important news for members four weeks ago which I tried to keep secret as long as possible, but internet blogs like Save City Tatts forced me to say something.

The Club’s destruction by Tweedledum, the Club’s Chief Executive Officer (LOL) has come to an end, which will be a relief to all members.

The Committee is now getting on with the almost impossible task of finding a new CEO who will turn a blind eye to the corruption all through our airhead development, and before.

The Committee and Tweedledum remain in negotiations on hush money, because if he goes down he could bring us all down. I cannot elaborate further at this time and I hope never to do so in the future, unless I am called to give evidence at his trial.

By the way, there is something else I didn’t mention before. The Club’s employment of Tinker Bell as the Club’s “marketing manager” has also come to an end, and not a good one either.

Yours Dishonestly

Tweedledee (Patrick Campion)

Chief Liar

City Tattersalls Club



Why Campion is saying nothing

Still nothing from Patrick Campion about his good buddy Tony Guilfoyle.

You could say it’s another example of his contempt for members.

But there is more to it than that.

Naturally, his first objective would be to keep members in the dark until after the AGM in May.

But, aside from that, he is saying nothing because he doesn’t want to commit himself.

If Guilfoyle is never charged Campion will claim that the Committee never accused him of anything. But if Guilfoyle is charged Campion will point to his sudden exit as proof the Committee took action.

And, in any case, without Guilfoyle to hold his hand, Campion probably doesn’t know what to say anyway.

Save City Tatts Committee

Is Campion saying Guilfoyle is not a fit and proper person?

The Registered Clubs Act says that the Secretary Manager of a club must be a “fit and proper person” to hold that position.

The obvious question is whether Patrick Campion is now telling us that Tony Guilfoyle is not a “fit and proper person”.

Just recall the background to recent events.

For five years now Campion has protected Guilfoyle against every charge of waste, incompetence, mismanagement and fraud. Whether these charges were from member complaints, investigations by Gaming & Racing, questions in parliament, internet blogs or books like The Destruction of City Tattersalls Club, Campion always fully backed Guilfoyle at meetings, in the club magazine or in the Sydney Morning Herald.

So we can safely say that no matter what the crime was, Campion’s first reaction would be to defend Guilfoyle. Even if he was told Guilfoyle had transferred $1 million to his own bank account he would simply have got Guilfoyle to come up with some story that would allow him to do nothing (like with the $200,000 embezzlement discovered in 2011).

If Campion (and the Committee) got rid of Guilfoyle it must not only be something big, but more importantly, something they couldn’t ignore.

But wouldn’t that mean that Guilfoyle is no longer a “fit and proper person” to run a club.

Save City Tatts Committee


The problem with a new CEO

Everyone knows that a new CEO is a disaster for Patrick Campion and the committee.

Within 6 months every rort in the Club would be exposed and ended, leaving Campion and the committee with plenty to explain – and the very real threat of legal action.

And there would be personnel changes too. Jan Ellks would probably be the first to go, unless she agreed to an instant 50% pay cut, and even that probably wouldn’t save her.

And, of course, the Guilfoyle airhead development would be canned.

Obviously, the Committee would love to keep Mark Cooper there as long as possible, to delay all of the above changes, but that is not possible for a variety of reasons.

The Committee might try to make it a condition of employment with the new CEO that he does not rock the boat, in return for an inflated salary (a bit like Jan Ellks).

But that is unlikely to work now.

City Tattersalls Club has been a laughing stock among NSW club managers for years. They all know it could blow up at any time so it’s just too risky to turn a blind eye to all the shifty business.

Actually, any potential candidate will have mixed feelings about taking on the City Tatts top job.

On the one hand there is the lure of a very good salary. And they know that City Tatts is operating way below it’s potential and could easily be turned around within a year.

On the other hand, the possible damage to their career from being associated with the Club, the difficulty of dealing with an insane committee and the fact that they don’t know how bad the corruption really is, are strong reasons to stay away.

Save City Tatts Committee

How much will the new CEO be paid?

Someone just raised a very interesting question:

How much will the new City Tatts CEO be paid?

This is a bit of a problem for Patrick Campion and the Committee.

They know that they paid Tony Guilfoyle more than double the going rate for years, so they can make an instant saving of $300,000 a year with the new CEO.

But if they do that they will be telling the world that they gifted millions to Guilfoyle since 2004.

This is reminiscent of the problem they faced when they went looking for a second developer. They wanted to get a better deal from the second developer but the problem was that would expose how bad the first deal was for members.

This was covered in a previous blog: “Any improved deal will expose Mirvac’s deal”.

The blog predicted that the deal with the second developer would be basically the same, with a few cosmetic changes to make it seem better. This is exactly what happened.

So how much will the new CEO be paid?

Based on the conflicting demands to reduce the salary by half, while hiding the truth from members, we’re predicting they will drop it to below $300,000 – but keep it a secret from members.

Save City Tatts Committee

Colliers corrupt plan exposed by …. Colliers!

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that real estate agents Colliers have played an important role in the destruction of City Tatts.

They were the ones who worked closely with Tony Guilfoyle to hand the City Tatts site to a developer for a pittance, and pick up a fat fee for themselves in the process.

The proof of how fraudulent their plan was has come from an unexpected source,  … Colliers!

Somebody at Colliers called Matt Hudson has been giving his views on the Sydney CBD property market. He says “land values are skyrocketing off the back of increased infrastructure in the Sydney CBD …”.

And it get’s better!

“Historically, Pitt Street Mall  has been the most desired location for fashion retailers, with rents ranging between $10,000-$14,000 per square metre, with Vodafone recently committing at $17,000 per square metre, but now the mall is at capacity and demand for space is increasing, spilling over into George Street and the surrounding areas“.


Well, City Tatts would be about 10 seconds walk from the Pitt Street Mall.

Colliers brokered a deal where Mirvac would get control of the City Tatts site to build over 200 apartments and keep all of the profits, while City Tattersalls Club got $25 million – most of which would be needed to fit out the idiotic temporary club at 202-204 Pitt Street and then the 7 bare concrete floors it got in the new building.

And the Second Preferred Developer, the Melbourne middleman, got exactly the same deal, also brokered by Colliers (with a few meaningless, cosmetic changes to make it seem better for members).

Based on what this Matt Hudson bloke is saying, anything less than $75 million was a raw deal for City Tatts. $25 million was simply fraud.

Colliers could yet face legal action for their part in this fraud.

Save City Tatts Committee