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What Peter Georgeson has cost City Tatts

Very few know how much money has disappeared on building works in City Tatts since Tony Guilfoyle became CEO.

And Peter Georgeson has been at the heart of this all the way.

He was also the architect for Tony Guilfoyle’s house extension in Cronulla, which was a substantial job costing $750,000. And he was the architect for the construction of Springs Resorts motel in Mittagong which is located next to Mittagong RSL. Springs Resorts Mittagong is owned by Tony Guilfoyle.

City Tatts has spent an astonishing $23 milion on building since 2004.

In most of these projects no new floorspace was created – they were just reworking existing space.

It seemed to be building for the sake of building. Especially when you know one builder got every major contract for twenty years, without having to tender.

And this astonishing total could have been even higher. Guilfoyle wanted to spend $7 million to build an atrium form the first floor to the third floor – that would have reduced floorspace. At the time he said it was “essential”. A year later the idea was dropped without explanation.

All this is very different to a club like, say, Penrith Panthers where $1 million spent on a new building really does create an additional asset for members.

So the City Tatts perpetual building program has resulted in enormous losses for members. When you factor in the inflated cost of each project, combined with the fact it usually began with the demolition of a previous project, there is no doubt that $10 million has been spent with nothing to show for it.

And Peter Georgeson planned and supervised most of these.

Georgeson has been paid $350,000 just in the past three years. These payments must be for the proposed apartment block, since there was little or no actual construction going on in the club during those years.

But it’s hard to see what he could be doing.

The only actual plan, to date, for the apartment block is the one drawn up by Mirvac, who have their own in-house architects. They also engaged Crone Partners to help. City Tatts also has a “heritage architect”, Jennifer Hill, on call. So with all these architects floating around it’s hard to see what Georgeson could be doing for the money.

One final point about Georgeson.

Under the proposed development, most of his previous work will be demolished.

So much for the mythical Strategic Plan.

Save City Tatts Committee

Peter Georgeson – the worst architect in Sydney?

It’s been said before, Tony Guilfoyle could not destroy City Tatts on his own.

He needed the full co-operation of a team with no morals, who would turn a blind eye while the Club was looted.

Peter Georgeson, the Club’s resident architect, is one of these.

This is what he has taken from City Tatts since Guilfoyle became CEO:

Year                 $

2005          197,715

2006          155,624

2007          147,524

2008          219,347

2009           83,182

2010           32,241

2013          136,626

2014          125,565

2015          205,855

Total       $1,303,679


These are not building costs – they are just one man’s fees related to building works. And this one man has now received over $1 million from City Tatts.

But the huge fees are only the beginning. It gets a lot worse when you have a closer look at the building jobs.

Building works have been one of the worst areas of waste and mismanagement since Tony Guilfoyle became CEO. Almost all have been failures, with some absolute disasters.

Many were failures because they were crackpot ideas to begin with, just Guilfoyle trying to give the impression he was doing something. The numerous botched attempts at a proper front entrance, costing over $2 million, are an example.

But aside from the flawed plans, something is badly wrong with the supervision of building jobs at City Tatts.

When you compare the miserable finished result of any job to the enormous cost, members are been cheated blind.

Basically, there is chronic mismanagement, or fraud.

It might be that they don’t care how much they spend on building work, or builders are being paid where no work is done.

Either way, Peter Georgeson is up to his neck in all this.

Save City Tatts Committee

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How much has Jan Ellks taken from City Tatts?

Tony Guilfoyle is well on his way to destroying City Tattersalls Club.

But he couldn’t do this on his own. He needed the help and support of a team with no morals. who would do anything for money.

Jan Ellks is one of the most corrupt individuals in the whole City Tatts saga.

Jan started as Guilfoyle’s secretary on 13 February 2007. At the time, the right salary for that role was probably $45,000, with a maximum of $50,000. But, for some reason, she was paid $100.000.

There may have been some justification for Guilfoyle to pay a higher than normal salary for his secretary. Before Jan, he had real problems holding on to secretaries, because they knew he was an imbecile. One of them told him to “go f**k himself”.

But even allowing for that, the amount paid to Jan showed incredible generosity with members money – and then it started to increase!

It didm’t take long to realise why.

Jan quickly showed that she was willing to do anything, no matter how dishonest, for the money. Her many corrupt actions have been well documented on this blog.

Here is what Jan has been paid, what she was entitled to, and the excess, which is basically money embezzled from members. The official figures released by the club to comply with the Registered Clubs Act show slightly lower amounts than these ($125,000 vs $135,000 in some cases) but we know what she actually gets.

Year               Paid            Entitled           Excess

2007            100,000          50,000          50,000

2008            100,000          50.000          50,000

2009            105,000          50,000          55,000

2010            125,000          50,000          75,000

2011            125,000          50,000          75,000

2012            125,000          50,000          75,000

2013            135,000          50,000          85,000

2014            135,000          50,000          85.000

2015            135.000          50,000          85,000

Total     $1,085,000      $450,000     $635,000

So there you have it, this cheat has taken $1 million of members money, most of it embezzlement.

Save City Tatts Committee

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