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A Hotel? – More nonsense from Tweedledum!

One of the reasons Tweedledum (Tony Guilfoyle) has been so keen on a property development is to get his hands on the management rights of a hotel.

Now, a hotel run by people who know what they are doing, might make money. But a hotel designed and run by Tweedledum and Tweedledee? Not very likely.

The only experience these two have in hospitality is running the bars and restaurants at City Tatts.

And they are all disasters. Every one.

Pick any one you like, Omega Lounge, Lime Bar, Zest, Cafe 2 – they are all failing in some way.

So the chances of a hotel run by Tweedledum and Tweedledee making money are very slim.

And even if the hotel made money, that is no guarantee that City Tatts will make money from it. Almost certainly any deal with an outside operator will be so loaded in favour of them that there will be very little left for City Tatts.

And even that might not last long. Because the Club will probably be forced to sell a share, if not the entire, of the hotel to pay for the fit-out of the Club’s new bare concrete floors.

In any case, even if it brought in $1 million a year to the club, which would be a miracle with Tweedledum involved, that is about what 20 poker machines bring in now. And Tweedledum has been selling these!

So using the hotel as an excuse to go ahead with the airhead development is all nonsense. It will do absolutely nothing for the Club.

Save City Tatts Committee




Latest City Tatts Minutes!

Here are the minutes of the latest City Tatts committee meeting:

Pat Campion: I will now open ——-

Tony Gulfoyle: I’ll do that, I will now open the meeting

Pat Campion: Sorry ’bout that, Tony

Tony Guilfoyle: Don’t let it happen again

Tony Guilfoyle: We will start with the latest financial results


Fruitjuice Berry: Great job, Tony


Fruitjuice Berry: You’re a genius, Tony, and I would know because I’m a genius too

Tony Guilfoyle: (mumbling, in a low voice) Other items from the financial results are:

  • Poker Machine takings are down (again)
  • Restaurant takings are down (again)
  • Bar takings are down (again)
  • Membership is down (again)
  • The overdraft is at the limit and suppliers are refusing to deliver unless they are paid (again)
  • Jan Ellks’ salary has been increased to $140,000

Any questions?

Laurie Coy: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Bill Hurley: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Kevin Smith: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tony Guilfoyle: Thanks for that vote of confidence, boys. I will allocate another $50,000 to the men’s gym

Stern Dale Smith: I heard about a new promotion that’s being tried on Mars and Pluto

Tony Guilfoyle: That sounds like something that would go well at City Tatts, or at least as well as your art gallery scam. You can have $50,000 as well

Jan Ellks then walks in with tea and sandwiches, thereby boosting Cafe 2 sales for the day by 20%

Fruitjuice Berry: You’re looking hot today, Jan!

Jan Ellks: Thank, Fruitjuice. I just learned how to type

Jimmy Chen: What day is it?

Laurie Coy: What did that Chinese c**t say?

Pat Campion: The meeting —–

Tony Guilfoyle: Pat, what did I tell you? The meeting is now closed. Now f**k off!!  I have a new intern to train


Committee are fully liable!

Tweedledee (Patrick Campion) says the Committee are indemnified from any liability resulting from his airhead development. He bases this opinion on Rule 19 of the City Tatts Rules.

But, as usual, he is lying.

Rule 19 distinctly says that the Committee are NOT indemnified if the “damages or costs arise from the negligent, reckless or intentional act or omission of a Committee Member or employee”.

This has always been a risk with all the corruption going on at City Tatts, but now with a $200 million property development that will sink the Club, the likely fallout is on a whole new level.

Right from the start, this airhead development has been one “negligent, reckless or intentional act or omission of a Committee Member or employee” after another.

Even the so-called Explanatory Memorandum  has a  “negligent, reckless or intentional act or omission of a Committee Member or employee” on just about every page.

Here is just one example:

The projections of future profit are so far from reality that the Committee must know they are fraudulent. No sane person could believe that a club that struggles to make $1 million today will make $6 million in the future with fewer members, and fewer poker machines.

So what’s going through the minds of the Committee?

Well, Laurie Coy, Bill Hurley and Kevin Smith expect to be long gone before any investigations start.

Jimmy Chen hasn’t got a clue about the development.

Fruitjuice Berry is a pompous old fool who claims to examine everything but fully supports every stupid action by Tony Guilfoyle.

So all of the above are oblivious to the dangers.

But Paul Cavallaro is an accountant with a city practice.

Surely he understands the risks of fraudulent profit projections?

Save City Tatts Committee


Frequently Asked Questions for Patrick Campion

By now members will have received a so-called “Explanatory Memorandum” from City Tatts.

In reality, it is 80 pages of dishonest propaganda written to con members into approving the most stupid club property development ever in Sydney.

As part of the propaganda effort they included a few pages of what are claimed to be “Frequently Asked Questions” – most of which have never been asked by anyone. For example, one of the alleged “frequently asked questions”, that no member has ever asked, is the truly bizarre: “What is the media coverage to date?” !!!

There are many, many serious questions about this insane airhead development.

A lot of the real questions raised by members have been featured on this blog.

Not one of these real questions are mentioned in the list Patrick Campion sent to members.

We predict that this one bit of dishonesty will come back to haunt him.

So for the benefit of members who deserve better, here’s a frequently asked question for Patrick Campion:

Why did Mirvac walk away from this development?

Save City Tatts Committee

Letter from Tweedledee!


Dear Remaining Members,

We have now reached a very important point in the destruction of City Tattersalls Club. You are not a part of the process because, as you know, regardless of what members said about the dangers we just carried on with Tweedledum’s insane property dream.

Your Committee and Management have only the welfare of Tony Guilfoyle and the developer at heart, and you are strangely encouraged to vote in favour – but even if you don’t it’s going ahead anyway.

The goal is to destroy any long term future of our hysteric and moronic Club to ensure it loses even more members and can continue to go downhill.

This is disaster in the making. Clubs that can’t or won’t get rid of an imbecile like Tony Guilfoyle are dying or have already died (eg. Balmain Leagues Club). Our Club just needs to get rid of Tony Guilfoyle and then it will survive and thrive. The proposed airhead development allows the developer the opportunity to completely destroy the Club, to move towards an over-dependence on Chinese Communist Party money and to create new revenue streams that will carry the developer into a dark, confused and dishonest future – while the Club goes broke fitting-out it’s bare concrete floors. The decision rests with Tweedledum.

There will be two meetings, neither of which will be valid because we didn’t give the notice required by law. The first meeting will be decided by the votes cast at Rookwood. These have already been counted by Phillip Binns. The second meeting has already been decided by Tweedledum and the developer.

This letter conceals the reasons for the meetings, through a bizarre 17 page resolution and an 80 page “explanatory memorandum” that explains nothing.

If you have any questions please don’t bother to contact us. Instead go to or the Four Corners site at For further lies contact Jan Ellks at City Tatts.

Yours Dishonestly

Tweedledee (Patrick Campion)

Chief Liar

City Tattersalls Club


Did Guilfoyle’s wife really kick him out?

So Tony Guilfoyle’s wife finally kicked him out?

But is this for real?

Or is it just a ploy to transfer everything he owns into the wife’s name?

Let’s face it, there is every chance he will be in jail or bankrupt before long.

If his insane airhead development goes ahead, it will be the end of the club, for sure. With the investigations that are bound to follow it will be clear that the development never made any sense and it’s only purpose was to enrich the developer.

And even if the property plan collapses, which is looking more and more likely, he will still be in trouble. Because his present path of slow destruction can’t go on much longer before the ANZ Bank pulls the plug.

So you have to wonder if this reported split with his wife is an early move to hold on to the millions he has taken from City Tatts.

Save City Tatts Committee

Reduce reliance on gaming? – It’s a joke! (Part 5)

The more you look at the reasons given for doing a property development, the more you realise how daft it is.

Didn’t Tony Guilfoyle tell the committee he would make a good CEO because he had increased gaming revenue by buying more poker machine licences?

Now this clown is selling the same licences at a huge loss!

It is believed that he has already sold 100 of the 400 the club used to have.

Apart from the obvious stupidity, it does highlight how desperate he is, with the overdraft up to the limit.

This insane development seems to be based on voodoo economics.

Save City Tatts Committee