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Airhead Development Update by Tweedledee – September 2015

I am sorry to announce that on 25 August 2015, our Club was forced to lodge a replacement Stage 1 Development Application (DA) with the City of Sydney Council. This is another backward step in the Club’s stumble towards a property development, because the Council will now be even more suspicious of anything coming from City Tatts.

The new DA was lodged following a Brief Member meeting on 18 August 2015. Most members continue to oppose the property development, because it makes no sense. But Tweedledum and a small army of consultants, charlatans and bluffers who stand to profit are overwhelmingly in favour of it.

The DA lodged replaces the prior Mirvac development application which the Council rejected in May 2015, following a year of lies to members about how well it was progressing at Council.

In the new DA, Tony Guilfoyle’s hotel capacity has been increased while parking has been decreased to 67 cars, but with the same hilarious car lift proposal which will cause so much chaos on Pitt Street it will become a tourist attraction in itself.

The Club also tried to have constructive discussions with our neighbours regarding the Stage 1 DA, but they just ignored us – because they are waiting for the Club to go bust.

To ensure members continue to be deceived about the lack of progress on the proposed development, brief member meetings have been scheduled for midnight on 31 October, mainly for our Rookwood voters.

To increase confusion in respect of these meetings, the Club will send emails to members who have provided a blood sample at least twenty eight days prior. Garbage will also be posted on the Club’s noticeboards and the website (

If you are not able to attend these meetings, you can find out the real story from any of our ex-members, many of whom are at the Bowlers Club in York Street.

Yours Dishonestly

Tweedledee (Patrick Campion)

Chief Liar

City Tattersalls Club

DA Shambles Grinds On

It’s going from bad to worse at City Tatts. The Development Application process is a complete shambles.

One of the many lies Patrick Campion and Tony Guilfoyle told members was that Mirvac’s rejection would not delay the project.

At the “wake” last October to inform members that Mirvac walked away, Campion said “there is no change to the timing of the Stage 1 DA approval – March 2015”.

And how is that working out?

Well, we’re six months past that, and they just put in a replacement DA to the council a week ago. Now they are talking about approval in February 2016.

And as for a finished building, only last year they were expecting that to happen by the end of 2018. Now they are hoping to finish at the end of 2020.

One thing is very clear. Tweedledum and Tweedledee are showing the same level of ability in property development that they always showed in running the club.

Save City Tatts Committee

City Tatts and Live Baiting

Here at Save City Tatts we’ve taken a close interest in the whole “live baiting” issue since the story broke in February.

What struck us from the start was that everything the ABC discovered about the state regulator for the greyhound industry exactly matched what City Tatts members discovered in their dealings with the state regulator for registered clubs (Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing).

This is not really surprising, since it is the same government department (Dept of Gaming & Racing) and the same minister (Troy Grant).

New revelations from the ABC about live baiting help to explain how the destruction of City Tattersalls Club could go on this long.

Here is a quick summary of the similarities between live baiting and the destruction of City Tatts:

Greyhound Racing knew all along about live baiting, as internal emails now prove.

OLGR have known for years that Tony Guilfoyle was running City Tatts into the ground (with Patrick Campion turning a blind eye). They were specifically told that the plan was to run the club so badly that Guilfoyle would claim that a property development was the only option.

Greyhound Racing NSW repeatedly failed to do anything about live baiting.

OLGR repeatedly failed to do anything about the looting of City Tatts.

Greyhound Racing NSW tipped off trainers that they were going to be raided.

OLGR tipped off Tony Guilfoyle about any complaints from members and assured him that nothing would be done about them.

Greyhound Racing NSW said they were “shocked” that live baiting was going on.

If the ABC ever do a story on corruption at City Tatts, or in the club industry, we fully expect OLGR to be “shocked” that there was any.

Meanwhile, the airhead development stumbles along under the supervision of those two hopeless clowns, Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Save City Tatts Committee.