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When Mirvac were accepted as the preferred developer for the City Tatts project they couldn’t believe they had positioned themselves to achieve such a great outcome with lower than usual upfront outlays .They also quickly realized they had the ideal partner in Tony Guilfoyle, someone who was totally incompetent and inexperienced but thought he knew everything.

Unfortunately for Mirvac, the more they negotiated the finer details, it became too obvious that any deal had to make provisions for Guilfoyle and Patrick Campion to be gain a substantial financial benefit. This started making them nervous. They accepted that Guilfoyle was manipulating to personally end up with the management rights to the building when it was completed. This would be a City Tatts committee decision and they would have to deal with the backlash, not Mirvac.

Guilfoyle and Campion kept insisting that the fit-out of the club and the hotel not be included in the Mirvac proposal. The club levels had to be handed back as “cold shell” and the hotel levels handed back as “warm shell”. Mirvac knew that it would be normal practice to be at least given the opportunity to submit a tender for this part of the project. When Mirvac’s John Carfi was asked at a members development briefing “why is Mirvac not fitting out the club and the hotel?” he answered “because we were never asked”. It would have obviously been cost effective for the club to have the two additional fit-outs included in the Mirvac development. Guilfoyle and Campion planned on asking members to approve the development solely based on the work to be carried out by Mirvac without the full costing of the two additional fit-outs.

What did Mirvac know that gave them no other option but to cut their losses and withdraw?

Save City Tatts Committee

Legal Fees paid for Tony Guilfoyle and Pat Campion

The Club has been telling members that no legal fees for employees or directors (committee) were paid during 2014.

But hold on.

Since July 2014 the Club has been engaged in an ongoing legal battle with Johny Bineham who was suspended without a hearing.

For those of you who are new to City Tatts, Johny Bineham wrote a book called “The Destruction of City Tattersalls Club”. In it he lampooned Tony Guilfoyle and Pat Campion as Tweedledum and Tweedledee (one is always right and the other is never wrong) who remain oblivious while the Club goes down slowly but surely.

There was no attack on the Club. In fact it was written by someone who liked the Club and wanted it to do well. The book was about how the Club had been abused by those in power since 2004.

As far as we know, the core of the Club’s legal case is that the book defamed the pair. And the Club must have spent at least $20,000 on this.

Guilfoyle is an employee and Campion is the chairman.

So wouldn’t that be an instance where the Club paid legal fees for employees and directors?

Save City Tatts Committee

Who is Rick Faulkner?

The new member on the City Tatts committee is Rick Faulkner, so we decided to do a bit of investigating.

Sure enough, he was the committee’s choice to fill the vacancy left by Wendy Fisher’s resignation. Which means he was selected to help in handing over the club’s prozed site to a developer.

His election means that, since postal voting came in, the committee’s choice has won every contest for a new vacancy.

Even more amazing, this seems to happen despite the new candidate being a complete unknown (to 99% of members) who does no campaigning. This certainly applies to Rick Faulkner.

Since he got about 400 votes more than the other new candidate, we can only conclude that these represent the votes of the Ski Club and the Swimming Club, who always vote as directed by the committee. We used to think that these two subsidiary clubs could round up about 200 votes – maybe it’s 400.

But even if this is the case, are these 400 voting members all totally corrupt? There must be some honest members who are disgusted at what has been done to their club and would vote for new blood on the committee.

And what about the existing committee who were all re-elected? Can anyone explain how they got 1700 votes, without any campaigning, as against 900 for an outsider? What other club committee with a track record of total failure is re-elected easily every year? Even committees of successful clubs are sometimes thrown out.

If you walk around City Tatts there is very little enthusiasm for the committee. In fact, most regular members are usually negative on the committee because they see every day how badly the Club is run now.

One possible explanation is that the ballot is decided by older members who don’t go the club very often and are deceived by the one-sided propaganda from Campion and Guilfoyle in the club magazine. But even among these, the feedback is mostly negative, because they know better than most how far the club has gone downhill from what it was 15 or 20 years ago.

And what about the Life Members – now numbering 2000! (That is not a misprint – City Tatts now has 2000 Life Members!)  For a long time the committee was totally opposed to granting Life Membership to long standing members. Then, around 2007, there was a sudden and dramatic change of heart, and since then they have been adding about 200 new Life Members every year. Could they be a factor in the election results?

You would have to say that the results are very strange, if nothing else. And no matter what aspect of the club we look at, we always find dishonesty.

We were always a bit suspicious about the results of City Tatts elections. Rick Faulkner’s election has made us more suspicious.

Save City Tatts Committee