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Latest City Tatts property plan confirms what everyone suspected

Yes, City Tatts is now a complete shambles.

Those two clowns, Guilfoyle and Campion (or Tweedledum and Tweedledee to give them their correct titles) have reduced the Club to absolute chaos.

The latest news confirms everything that people have been saying on this and other blogs, and exposed the “information” dished out to members at Airhead Development meetings for the crap it was.

Here is a quick summary of what the revised property plan really means:

  • None of the major property groups will touch City Tattersalls Club, and that includes Stockland and David Jones
  • As a result, the Club has had to move down the quality ladder, a long way down, in their desperation to find a developer
  • The “new” plan looks remarkably like the old plan with a few tiny changes – exactly as predicted by one of our contributors (see March 23 blog on this site: Any Improved Deal Will Only Expose The Mirvac Deal)
  • The whole DA application has hit serious roadblocks and has been pushed back – again!

All of the above was predicted on this blog, and means the Club’s situation is just about the opposite of what Tony Guilfoyle and Patrick Campion have been promising members for the last two years.

The current item on the agenda is to get the property media to spruik the “new” plan. Already we can see that they are sceptical of anything coming from City Tatts.

And remember, there is no need for any property development. The Club simply needs new management.

Save City Tatts Committee

City Tattersalls Club marks ANZAC Day

City Tatts marked ANZAC Day 2015 in their own special way.

Everything about City Tatts today resembles The Twilight Zone, so you will not be surprised to hear that their ANZAC Day contribution was a little different.

They set a new benchmark for honouring veterans by keeping Johny Bineham out of the Club so long that he couldn’t nominate for the committee elections, before the closing date of April 24th.

Johny Bineham is a club member who served in Korea, Malaya and Vietnam.

He was suspended, without a hearing, last July for expressing his views on the management of the club.

Apparently he feels the Club is badly run.

What would he think that, you say?

  • Could it be the continually falling membership?
  • Or, the staggering losses on restaurants, now running into millions?
  • Maybe he just misses the International Buffet and doesn’t feel that Zest, at $75 a head for lunch, is what members want?

Anyway, the committee dragged out his case long enough to prevent him running for election this year.

Any chance he will have a hearing before ANZAC Day 2016?

Save City Tatts Committee

Airhead Development Update from Tweedledee – April 2015

Dear Remaining Members,

In my last update to members, I confessed that we had received expressions of interest (IOU’s) from a number of strange contenders to work with our Committee on the proposed destruction of our Club’s premises. We are currently assessing these IOU’s to ensure that the development project will serve the best interests of the developer, just like we did with Mirvac. We had hoped to find the Second Preferred Developer by February but most of them were afraid to touch us after the Mirvac debacle.

As you know, a Development Application (DA) has already been lodged with the City of Sydney Council. We are confused about how we will address all the issues that have been razed by the Council and so we have no idea if the DA will progress to a successful outcome.

Because of the stalled DA our Club has resorted to other development options that were always there and are now sufficiently attractive for developers to warrant further investigation by the police.

A Brief Members’ Meeting will be held on Tuesday 28 April 2015 (at midnight, for our Rookwood members) where we will conceal the lack of progress and outline our propaganda to members. As always, the developer’s best interests are of paramount importance and our Club will only pursue development options with partners who share the profit for this pillage project in the usual 90/10 ratio, like Mirvac. Actually, I believe Mirvac were entitled to 95%.

I believe that the proposed development will ensure the Club has no future and endanger your member experience permanently while attracting a new generation of consultants.

If you have any questions please hesitate to contact us on 02 9267 9421 (because we don’t care) or You can also visit our fantasy website Airhead Development (

Yours Dishonestly

Tweedledee (Patrick Campion)

Chief Liar

City Tattersalls Club

Wendy Fisher resigns!

Yes, Vice Chair Wendy Fisher has resigned – effective April Fools Day.

She put a notice in the Sydney Morning Herald today to inform the public. If you are interested get out your magnifying glass and go to page 31.

It’s hardly a surprise. She was being excluded from committee meetings, and as far as we can tell, no other committee member was being excluded.

When you put all the pieces of the puzzle together it is fairly clear what has happened. Being excluded from committee meetings can only mean she was asking questions about the latest property scheme. And what she was able to find out worried her enough that she didn’t want anything to do with it.

Tony Guilfoyle and Patrick Campion will be delighted that she’s gone, but at the same time they will know it is the worst possible publicity – just when they are ready to con members (again). There will be a meeting at the end of April to present their latest scheme to members. We think this meeting will be hilarious. They will have to explain why everything they have promised members for two years has failed. And a lot of what you will hear will be a dishonest response to information revealed on internet blogs, without actually mentioning the blogs.

The other question is who the committee will put up for Vice Chairman. Linda Fitzhardinge ran in 2011 (she was Tony Guilfoyle’s choice) but was defeated by Wendy Fisher. So she might run again. The other possibility is Fruitjuice Berry. He has been on the committee for 6 years and has supported everything Tony Guilfoyle has done to destroy the Club. That might mean he get’s the nomination.

Save City Tatts Committee