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Just proves how dishonest Patrick Campion is

Johny Bineham was suspended from City Tattersalls Club last Thursday afternoon. He wrote “The Destruction of City Tattersalls Club by Tweedledum and Tweedledee”.

Everything about how this was done proves once again how dishonest the chairman, Patrick Campion, is.

For those of you who don’t know him, Patrick Campion (Tweedledee) is a solicitor whose specialises in ….. defamation. He could have taken action against Johny Bineham two months ago but decided to wait until he got his insane property development approved by postal vote. Once it became clear that the vote would not happen according to the original timetable he decided there was no need to wait any longer.

So once he decided to move against Johny Bineham, the obvious course of action was to sue for defamation. But he didn’t. Because Patrick Campion is TERRIFIED of appearing in court.

Campion knows that when all the evidence in this case is heard in court, regardless of the outcome, he will be not be a solicitor any longer. Just think of all the dishonest things he has done, or turned a blind eye to, while on the City Tatts Committee. This is just a small sample:

  • Just happened to be on the Committee when it made a secret $80,000 donation to an eye clinic in Moree – which just happened to be run by his brother
  • Did nothing when he was told that Tony Guilfoyle had taken $200,000 from the Club without the knowledge of the Committee
  • Suspended a member who wrote to the Committee asking for John Kennedy to be stood down while his role in the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund scam was investigated
  • Mortgaged the Club’s property without the approval of members – in contravention of an Act of Parliament
  • Refused to put a motion to members, when required by the rules, which would have prevented mamagement, and Committee, from profiting from a property development

So, in a desperate attempt to keep this out of court Campion has come up with a plan to have the Bineham case heard by an “independent” arbitrator – in the Club’s boardroom!

But he’s wasting his time with this ploy, this is heading to the Supreme Court for sure.

The other amazing thing about this whole case is that even though it has been Tony Guilfoyle (Tweedledum) who has driven City Tatts to the wall, it is looking more likely that Patrick Campion will be the one to go to jail.

And one final thing. At City Tatts no matter how serious things get there is always some comical aspect, usually quite unintended. In the letter Johny Bineham received from the Club, Patrick Campion is referred to as Tweedledee!


Save City Tatts Committee

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Johny Bineham barred from City Tatts!

Johny Bineham, author of The Destruction of City Tattersalls Club, was suspended from City Tatts yesterday!

The Club was so desperate to prevent him speaking at a meeting in the Club last night that they couldn’t wait to conduct a proper hearing – as required by the Club Rules. Instead they got Jan Ellks to phone him!

In case you are wondering why this is happening now, the explanation is fairly simple. Guilfoyle and Campion wanted to get rid of him the minute his book appeared but it would have looked bad just before the Committee elections. The plan was to wait until they got the property development approved by postal vote and then move on him. But once it was clear that the vote would not happen by 30 June (because Mirvac are stalling for a better deal) there was no reason to delay any longer.

We predict this will be a major turning point in the battle to save City Tatts from Guilfoyle and Campion.


Save City Tatts Committee

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Mirvac – 6 months and counting!

It is now 6 months since Mirvac were announced as “preferred developer” by Patrick Campion – and still Mirvac have said nothing.

This makes no sense.

It does not take 6 months to negotiate a fairly normal development agreement like this – especially when most of the points in the agreement must have been known last December in order to award it to Mirvac in the first place.

Back in December we were  told by sources in the property industry that there was something very strange about the whole process where Mirvac were appointed.

Yet again at City Tatts, the rumours have proved to be correct.


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More on Tony Guilfoyle’s Hotel Options!

A member pointed out something we had forgotten in the discussion about Guilfoyle’s hotel plan.

This is how he put it.

“I see where that clown Guilfoyle is claiming that a hotel would bring in $1 million to the Club each year. Well with Guilfoyle running it, you have to wonder if it will ever bring in anything. I mean he manages to lose hundreds of thousands running restaurants that have no rent to pay. But that’s not the real issue. The Club already earned over $700,000 in rent from the National Australia Bank and the Lotteries Office on Pitt Street every year – before Guilfoyle pissed them off. And now this clown is going to go through the whole process of building a brand new hotel, that in all probability will bring in less for the Club than the previous rent. And when you think of all that is involved in building a new hotel on a very difficult site in the CBD, from drawing up plans, submitting a DA, handling objections and then actually building it, the whole idea is insane. How does the Committee put up with this imbecile?”


Save City Tatts Committee

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City Tatts to outsource restaurants!

Restaurants have been one of the real disaster areas in City Tatts since Tony Guilfoyle got the top job in 2004.

Prior to that the Club had thriving restaurants, popular with members and visitors alike, with the International Buffet being the pick of the bunch. Since 2004 it has been one disaster after another. Zest has been the biggest flop by far. It cost at least $2 million to build and fit-out, and members rejected it within a few weeks. Since then it has racked up staggering losses (despite having no rent to pay) so this one failed restaurant has cost the Club at least $5 million to date.

And how has the Commitee dealt with this?

The same way they deal with everything – by doing nothing. The Committee consistently refused to accept that they had got it wrong and rejected all suggestions from members for action.

But hold on!

In the latest “Member Briefing” it seems that the Committee has finally realised that Guilfoyle can not run the restaurants in the Club. If the property development ever happens they say restaurants will be outsourced!

Save City Tatts Committee

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Tony Guilfoyle’s Hotel Options!

To listen to Tony Guilfoyle, owning a hotel will secure the future of City Tatts.

If you spent five minutes looking at this you would realise it is complete nonsense.

At present City Tatts makes about $20 million profit every year from poker machines. And that is after 10 years of Guilfoyle mismanagement, steadily falling membership and even a reduction in the number of poker machines.

But Guilfoyle is planning, as a desperate measure, to sell even more machines which can only mean lower poker machine profits in the future.

But, he says, the hotel profits will make up for the falling poker machine profits!

Well, no – they won’t.

If he gets rid of even one quarter of the poker machines, which he is well on the way to doing, then eventually profits must fall by one quarter, or about $5 million

And the hotel?

Even on Guilfoyle’s figures it will only bring in $1 million a year, whether operated by City Tatts or given to a hotel group. So how could that replace the lost poker machine revenue?

And if that is not bad enough, Patrick Campion had to admit recently that the Club will probably have to sell part of the hotel to reduce debt. And even if the hotel is profitable that is no guarantee that City Tatts will benefit. Whoever gets the management rights might keep most of the profits.

So there you have it.

Another crackpot Guilfoyle idea, the latest in a long line of failed ideas.

Save City Tatts Committee

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What ever happened to Hicksons Lawyers?

To experienced City Tatts watchers small details often turn out to be important.

In August 2013 Pat Campion told members about the small army of consultants who were going to advise him on his insane property development proposal.

For advice on the legal aspects of the development, the Club, on the recommendation of KPMG, appointed Hicksons Lawyers.

But it is clear that Hicksons are not involved any more.

So what ever happened to Hicksons Lawyers?

Save City Tatts Committee

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