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Jan Ellks – still doing tricks for Tony Guilfoyle!

Jan Ellks is often described as the most overpaid secretary in Sydney. And that is true if you look at her simply as a secretary.

But that is not why she is paid so much. Her real job is to ward off any challenges to Tony Guilfoyle.  

There was a perfect example of this last week – and it shows how City Tatts operates now.

A member went to the office and asked Jan for nomination forms to stand for the Committee elections in May. But because she knew he was a threat to Tony Guilfoyle she told him that he was not eligible to run and refused to give him the forms. She said that he had to be a gold member for two years – when the rules clearly say it is one year (which this member was). 

Jan Ellks gets an insane salary of over $135,000 and has been Tony Guilfoyle’s secretary since February 2007. The maximum salary around the CBD  for what she actually does as secretary is $50,000. So in the seven years she has been there this disgusting cheat has robbed members of $400,000 over and above what she should have received as secretary. Some day, when she is on the witness stand, she will be able to reflect on whether it was worth it.

The other interesting recent development about Jan Ellks is that a few on the Committee have started to turn against her.


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Another new book about City Tatts

There is another new book about City Tatts.

It is called The Psychopath Whisperer by Dr. Kent Kiehl.

Dr. Kiehl studied under “famed psychopath researcher” Dr. Robert Hare – and it shows!

In the book Dr. Kiehl explains how psychopaths can be identified by a checklist of symptoms. These are:

  • Pathological lying
  • Lack of empathy, guilt or remorse
  • Grandiose sense of self-worth
  • Manipulation
  • Failure to accept responsibility for one’s actions

Anyone who has worked at City Tatts in recent years would recognise these symptoms.

They are a perfect description of Tony Guilfoyle.


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This is a property developer talking!

Interesting news last week on the Balmain Leagues Club planning application, especially for anyone who still believes that a property development is the answer for a club in financial difficulties.

The Planning Assessment Commission rejected the property development saying the traffic and transport issues were “unresolvable”.

But what caught our eye was the brutal honesty of the property developer in response to the decision. He said “We own the land. Not the council. Not the Tigers. We will decide what we do with the land“. Spoken like a true property developer!

He then added the priceless gem that “there needs to be a property development on that site“.

Well, yes. If you are a property developer, and you have bought a site for a property development, and lent money to the club that owned the site to get their support for a property development, yes you need a property development. How else could you make money from the site?  

Presumably Mirvac would agree totally with these sentiments although it’s hard to tell since they have yet to even acknowledge that they are the developer of the City Tatts site.

Another thing to attract our attention about the Balmain Leagues Club proposal was the absolute insanity of it when you look at it from the point of view of members. Just stop and think about this proposal which is supposed to save the club. The club got into financial difficulties while they owned their building. So how would they possibly succeed when they start to pay rent to a property developer?

And a final comment.

The Balmain Leagues development was rejected over traffic issues. City Tatts are talking about building a hotel with 100 rooms and an tower with 200 apartments, near the end of a narrow one-way street where you can only turn left. Is it just us or will traffic be an even bigger issue for City Tatts than it was for Balmain Leagues?


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Will the NSW Legal Services Commissioner investigate Patrick Campion? (2)

A few members pointed out another reason why the NSW Legal Services Commissioner should investigate Patrick Campion.

Last year members submitted eight rule changes to protect the Club. Under the rules, Patrick Campion as Chairman must put these to members to vote on.

And what did Patrick Campion do?

He refused to put five of them (the most important ones) to members to vote on!

Of these five, the critical one would have prevented the Committee and employees from dealing in Club property for their own benefit unless first approved by members. The excuse offered by Patrick Campion for refusing to put it to members ie. that the Club would not be able to operate effectively or efficiently, was absurd. Based on Campion’s flawed argument most of the existing rules of the Club would need to be removed to enable the Club to operate effectively and efficiently.

So Patrick Campion, a practising solicitor, who supposedly is held to ” a very high standard of conduct” simply ignored the rules of the Club to enable the Committee and senior employees to make a quid from the Club’s assets. 

If that’s not worthy of investigation by this Legal Services Commissioner, what is?


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Mirvac – 4 months and counting!

It’s now 4 months since Mirvac were announced as the “preferred developer” of the City Tatts site – and still Mirvac have said nothing.

When Mirvac, a company listed on the ASX, made no mention of it at the time shrewd observers of the property market smelled a rat straight away – and have been proved right.

The real question is: If Mirvac have not committed after four months how could the proposal be ready to put to members in July?

Shouldn’t members get as much time as Mirvac  to study the details?


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A new auditor at City Tatts in 2014?

The auditor of City Tatts is approved by members each year at the Annual General Meeting.

In 2013 a new auditor submitted his nomination, to be voted on by members at the AGM.

And what happened?

That’s right – Tony Guilfoyle blocked it.

Just stop and think about that. The CEO, paid to work as directed by the committee, was so scared of the prospect of a new auditor that he dropped everything and embarked on a personal campaign to stop him. He actually told the new auditor directly to withdraw his nomination.

Of all the things Guilfoyle has done, this was probably the most outrageous. And is conclusive proof, if any is needed, that something is very rotten at City Tatts. Really, you don’t have to figure out if there are skeletons in the closet, he’s telling you.

Eventually, after a bit of bullying from Guilfoyle (and Pat Campion) the new auditor withdrew his nomination.

So that’s how Cameron Roan of KPMG managed to stay on as auditor of City Tattersalls Club.

We heard somewhere that auditors are replaced by rotation every 7 years. Cameron Roan has been auditor at City Tatts since 2005. Shouldn’t he be replaced by now?


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Jimmy Chen is the patsy

Someone pointed out to us that we missed the whole point about Jimmy Chen.

Sure, he has no idea what’s going on with the Club’s finances but that’s the way they like it (as Ben Lee would say).

They like it that way because when the proverbial hits the fan, which is not far away, Tony Guilfoyle will claim that he was just a humble employee simply following the orders of the Treasurer. (In fact, all of the major moves with NAB and ANZ were handled by Tony Guilfoyle with little or no involvement from Jimmy Chen.)

We never thought we’d say this but Jimmy Chen is the Lee Harvey Oswald of City Tatts!


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