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$550 an hour – An administrator would be cheaper than Guilfoyle!

There is another reason to appoint an administrator to City Tatts. It would be fantastic value at $550 per hour.

Why do we say that?

Well have a look at what Tony Guilfoyle costs. He is paid about $12,000 a week and he rarely works more than 20 hours. In addition he has engaged a small army of overpaid promotion managers, chefs, maintenance supervisors and secretaries, all of whom then seem to need consultants to tell them how to do their jobs. So replacing Guilfoyle (and the hangers-on) with an administrator would mean an instant saving of at least $20,000 a week.

But that is only the start.

The administrator would be an actual expert at managing clubs, as opposed to Guilfoyle, who hasn’t got a clue. And the administrator would only be paid while he was actually working for City Tatts (what a concept!). We think it would take about 6 months to stop the major rorts that have bled the Club and another 6 months to get the Club running the way it used to be. Then there would be no need for a property development.

There is another advantage of having an administrator – the powers of the City Tatts committee would cease while the administrator sorted out the Club. When an administrator is appointed, he performs the functions of the committee “to the exclusion of any other person or body of persons”. In City Tatts that could only be good.

Has anyone contacted the Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority?


Save City Tatts Committee  


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ILGA – Please, please appoint an administrator to City Tatts!

Now that the Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority (ILGA) has appointed an administrator to Marrickville RSL we are convinced that they will do the same to City Tattersalls Club, once they realise what is going on there.

Let’s examine in detail why ILGA appointed an administrator to Marrickville RSL and see how that might apply to City Tatts.

ILGA were concerned that the board of Marrickville RSL did not act “with the required diligence and skill” in important matters affecting the club.

  • Take a look at the City Tatts committee. They have taken no action on any of the obvious problems that have brought the Club to it’s current state. They never take any notes or documentation to committee meetings, or from committee meetings. And they have paid the Secretary/Manager double what a competent person should get – and he’s a complete idiot.

ILGA were concerned about “lack of compliance” with the Club Code of Practice and the Registered Clubs Act.

  • Patrick Campion mortgaged City Tattersalls Club’s Pitt St property in contravention of the Club’s own Act! If that’s not “lack of compliance” – what is?
  • There have been numerous breaches of the Club Code of Practice at City Tatts. We can’t go into them all or we’d be here all day. But start with breaches of the Guideline for Board Operation, Guideline for Complaints Handling and Guideline for Conducting Disciplinary Proceedings.
  • Tony Guilfoyle “borrowed” $200,000 from City Tatts without the knowledge of the committee. This loan is still outstanding – to a club whose rules prohibit any loans to employees!

ILGA had “major concerns” about Marrickville RSL proceeding with a proposed amalgamation with another club because “the governing body of the proposed amalgamated entity is to be the same governing body of the Club that has presided over the matters that are the subject of the Amended Complaint”.

  • The City Tatts committee that has presided over the shocking decline of the Club is now attempting a 40 storey property development that carries a very real risk of closing the Club’s doors forever.

ILGA stated that “dissipating a Club’s assets over a prolonged period without a bona fide premises …. represents a considerable threat to the integrity of the regulatory scheme for registered clubs”

  • City Tatts would have to be the clear winner when it comes to “dissipating a Club’s assets”. In 2004, when Tony Guilfoyle started as Secretary/Manager, City Tatts was a thriving club in a sound financial position. After 10 years of staggering losses on restaurants, botched building jobs, inflated salaries to the chosen few and a gravy train of “consultants” (whose “advice” must have been totally useless) the Club is on the brink of collapse.

So ILGA, will you please, please appoint an administrator to City Tattersalls Club – before it is too late?


Save City Tatts Committee

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ILGA – Please appoint an administrator to City Tatts!

The Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority (ILGA) has appointed an administrator to Marrickville RSL. The administrator will act as the governing body of the Club with immediate effect, and the current board was stripped of all powers.

Why did ILGA do this?

Well here are their reasons:

  • They wanted an administrator to “review the Club’s affairs and ensure that compliance with the (Registered Clubs) Act is now the Club’s first priority”.
  • ILGA said “given the protracted and deliberate non compliance with a fundamental requirement of the Act and noting those further instances of non compliance with regulatory matters that should have been obvious to the Club … it is in the public interest for an insolvency professional with experience in the administration of registered clubs to ensure an independent review of the Club’s affairs …”
  • ILGA also said that an administrator will provide “the Club with a period of expert management and a focus on compliance that the current Board has not demonstrated. The appointment of an administrator will also indicate to the industry that, if the board of any registered club does not give appropriate priority to compliance with the Act, this Authority will appoint an administrator to take control of the club’s affairs, to bring appropriate discipline to that registered club.

Well, if these are reasons for appointing an administrator, then ILGA must appoint an administrator to City Tattersalls Club.

Everything that concerned them at Marrickville RSL is far worse at City Tatts. And that’s without mentioning a long list of other issues that Marrickville RSL never had.

Can someone call in to ILGA and see what the steps are to appoint an administrator to City Tatts?


Save City Tatts Committee

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Marrickville RSL – the future of City Tatts?

Just finished reading the report by the Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority into Marrickville RSL. It’s 24 pages and a great read. We highly recommend it.

We can’t quite put a finger on it but there was something vaguely familiar about the story. Let’s see now, what could it be:

  • A once thriving club now on it’s last legs
  • A CEO who, shall we say, gave his own financial interests a higher priority than the welfare of the club
  • Losses and outgoings that drained the club
  • The club’s situation got so bad that they “had to” sell the club’s building to a property developer
  • A long list of breaches of the Registered Clubs Act and general corporate governance guidelines

Are you with us so far?  Good, then let’s continue:

  • The development didn’t go as smoothly as planned but the club was forced to stick with the developer anyway because there was now a mortgage on the property
  • The CEO continued to receive his salary even though there was no club to manage

Does any of this sound familiar?

While we appreciate the efforts of ILGA in the Marrickville RSL case, we have to say that they need to get out more. What happened at Marrickville RSL is child’s play compared to what goes on at City Tatts. The report talks about “huge sums” in losses and outgoings at Marrickville RSL. The sums involved are petty cash compared to the waste at City Tatts. If you counted up the money wasted on executive salaries, advertising and consultants fees, restaurant losses and botched building jobs at City Tatts for the past 10 years it would top $17 million – enough to clear the mortgage.

And as for the Marrickville RSL Secretary/Manager, Dalley Robinson, you can see why he would be a spiritual leader for any club with an insane CEO. One of his many achievements, noted in the report, was to operate the club, after the building was sold, out of a rented office – with no name on the door! He also ensured that the club contributed to worthy community groups. We were especially amused by various payments listed as “Tara Coleman (unexplained)”.

For some reason ILGA are debating whether Dalley Robinson is a fit and proper person to act as Secretary of a registered club.  ILGA  also reminded us that the Registered Clubs Act requires that a club “shall be conducted in good faith as a club”. No doubt many club CEO’s feel that is asking too much – in fact we’re surprised ClubsNSW hasn’t lobbied to have that requirement removed.

Dalley Robinson says he is not able to help ILGA with their enquiries because he is “feeling quite unwell”. Well, with his salary gone and paying his own legal bills – yep he’d be sick alright!


Save City Tatts Committee

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ANZ Class Action – what about the Bookmakers Super Fund?

Most of you would have heard about the class action case against ANZ bank last week.

The Federal Court held that the late fees charged by ANZ were unlawful. In fact the court ruled that the late fees were “extravagant, exorbitant and unconscionable”.

Well, if the Federal Court was so concerned about fairly minor fees such as these, what will it say when it looks at the “promotion” fees charged by John Kennedy and the other three amigos to members of the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund.

For those of you who have not been following the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund saga, here is a quick summary. John Kennedy and his three amigos, who were the trustees of the NSW Bookmakers Superannuation Fund, rigged up a scheme to pay themselves .6% of each members’s balance every year, essentially for doing nothing.

On any rational analysis this scheme is far worse than anything ANZ have done. In fact, this skim operation pulled in $5 million up to 2009 and then they sold the scheme to Diversa for another $7 million. (The Bookmakers Superannuation Fund is now called Progress Super.)

We are really looking forward to this day in court.


Save City Tatts Committee






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Mirvac – 2 months and counting!

David Jones lodged a Pre DA submission for their Market Street property last week. Within a few days they issued a statement to the ASX, as would be expected from any company listed on the exchange.

Meanwhile, Mirvac, much further advanced on the City Tatts project (if you believe Pat Campion) have said nothing to the ASX.

This doesn’t make sense.

Everyone who follows the ASX tells us that if Mirvac really are the preferred developer for a $100 million project they must inform the market. Besides, this is an industry known for insane self-promotion. They jump at any opportunity for publicity. Being nominated as preferred developer for a major site in Sydney CBD is something that the publicity department of every developer dreams about.

But Mirvac have said nothing.

One possible explanation is that Mirvac are having doubts about the project, or at least are not convinced enough to issue a positive statement to the ASX.

Finally, if Mirvac have said nothing after two months, how could the whole proposal be ready to put to members in June or July?


Save City Tatts Committee

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The Returning Officer at City Tatts

There has been a bit of talk recently about employees who abuse thier position of trust. It seems that the courts frown on that kind of thing, if the Katungul case is any guide.

Well, consider the strange case of Phillip Binns, the Returning Officer for all elections and ballots at City Tatts for the past few years.

Up to 2007, the New Soth Wales Electoral Commission was the Returning Officer for City Tatts, as it was for many clubs. Then City Tatts decided to get rid of them and change to a man called Phillip Binns. What makes this strange is that he was employed at the NSW Electoral Commission at the time and continued to be employed there while he acted as Reurning Officer for City Tatts! (He ran this business through the name of Ema Estevez.)

Wouldn’t this be an abuse of his position of trust as an employee of the NSW Electoral Commission? Just think about it from the point of view of the employer – one of their employees conspires to take business away from their employer while continuing to draw wages from that employer.

At the time City Tatts told members that the NSW Electoral Commission was too busy with the state election to do the City Tatts elections. But this excuse proved to be false. Members who went down to the NSW Electoral Commission were told that the Commission could have done the City Tatts elections, no problem whatsoever, as it would be handled by a different section.

So the real question is why – why did the Committee (or Tony Guilfoyle) want to get away from the NSW Electoral Commission?

Or, to put it another way, what did they believe Phillip Binns would do that the Electoral Commission would not do?


Save City Tatts Committee


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