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City Tatts will remain open?

A member told us during the week that we may have missed the point about the club remaining open during construction.

There is another reason why they would try to keep the club open. It would allow Tony Guilfoyle and a few favoured employees to continue to draw full salaries while there was nothing for them to do.

For example take the strange case of Mark Lonngren. This bloke draws over $100,000 every year from City Tatts. In 2012 it was $120,000. What makes this strange is that no one knows what he does for this money. And when we say no one we are including everyone else in the maintenance department, the very department where he is supposed to be employed. Sometime the club claims that he is some kind of interior designer. The problem with that story is that there has been no building work in the club for a while. In fact, there has been nothing in the club in the past 2 years that required any interior design. So if he is not doing maintenance and he is not doing interior design, what is he doing?

But he will probably be kept on, at full salary. during construction.

Save City Tatts Committee

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Still nothing from Mirvac

It has now been 4 weeks since Pat Campion told members that Mirvac were anointed as “preferred developer” for his half-baked property plan.

Campion tried to make out that it was some kind of momentous announcement.

Well, normally it would be. Even for a company the size of Mirvac, a $100 million project is big news. And they have an obligation to keep the market informed.

But they have said nothing about it. Nothing.

But then this is City Tatts, a once great club now brought to it’s knees by chronic mismanagement where nothing is normal.

It begs the question – what exactly is going on?

The only answer is that, in reality, nothing has happened.

City Tatts has simply decided to start talking to Mirvac.


Save City Tatts Committee



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