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Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust – Amy Conroy is going

Have you ever noticed the turnover of senior staff at City Tatts since Tony Guilfoyle started as CEO?

Right from the start, Guilfoyle wanted to get rid of the existing senior managers and replace them with people he hired himself.


Because the existing senior managers were a real problem for him – for two reasons:

a) They knew he was incapable (because they remembered how the Club ran much better before he become a CEO

b) They had no loyalty to him (because they didn’t owe him anything)

That’s why hiring his own people has always been a priority – it deals with both of these problems at once. The new people hear all Guilfoyle’s jargon and don’t realise (at first) how incompetent he is. And, of course, he buys their loyalty (with members money) by paying them double what they were getting before. Trevelyan Bale’s insane salary of $250,000 is a good example of this.

But even among these new people the high turnover continues. Some of them leave because they realise, eventually, that Guilfoyle is an irrational, psycotic leader with no concern for members or staff. They see only his self interest at play in all the decisions made within the club.Some of them leave because they feel that it is only a matter of time before the Club goes broke. And some of them are told to go because they have learned too many secrets.

Save City Tatts Committee

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Tony Guilfoyle is on holidays

Tony Guilfoyle is on holidays.

Why do we mention this?

Well, two reasons

One, it is a reminder of just how little time he spends in City Tatts.

Two, he has promised to repay the $200,000 he owes to the Club out of his unused holiday leave. The problem is that he simply could not have any unused holidays. When you add up his official holidays that he takes every year and the two days he takes off every week it is not possible that he could have any unused holidays leave.

So any suggestion of repaying his loan with unused holiday leave is nonsense.

What it boils down to is that he has taken the $200,000 and kept it.

That is fraud.

Save City Tatts Committee

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Remember 194 Pitt Street?

You just can not trust anything coming from Patrick Campion or Tony Guilfoyle.

Those members who belonged to City Tatts back in 2007 (clearly a diminishing breed) will remember what they were told to approve the purchase of 194 Pitt Street.

The main pitch to members was that 194 Pitt Street would house a new restaurant and cafe for members. And what happened?

Well, nothing.

The restaurant and cafe was knocked by Council within weeks of the proposal being submitted. In fact, we have been told that it got such an outright rejection that it must have been obvious to anyone in the planning field that it had no chance. In other words, while it is possible that Tony Guilfoyle, actually believed the application would be granted, it is more likely that he knew it would be rejected. Either way you have to wonder about the extensive due diligence that members were told had been done on the building prior to purchase.

Now we have the insane Campion and Guilfoyle proposal to build a tower on the City Tatts site.

Even at this very early stage all the warning signs are there that the Committee has already decided to proceed regardless of what members say. And part of the strategy is to give members as little information as possible.

At first the Committee kept the plan secret from members. It was only when the Sydney Morning Herald asked Campion about it that he told members. Then it was proiceeding “at no cost to members”. Next, they were going to spend “up to $100,000′ on a Pre DA application (makes you wonder what a real DA would cost). Now they are going to spend “up to $220,000” on it. We predict that before the end of this year they will be talking about spending half a million.

And one final thing.

When Tony Guilfoyle lobbied for the top job at City Tatts he claimed that his puchase of extra poker machines as gaming manager was a strong reason to select him.

Now he is trying to build a 48 storey tower to reduce the Club’s dependence on gaming!


Save City Tatts Committee  



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The Abbott and Costello of the club industry

It’s time for members to have a closer look at the pair who are going to attempt a property development at City Tatts – Tony Guilfoyle and Pat Campion. These two clowns are the Abbott and Costello of the Sydney club industry.

First consider how City Tatts has fared under these two. Tony Guilfoyle became CEO in 2004 and Pat Campion has been on the Committee since then. So how has City Tatts gone in those 9 years?

Well, basically these two have been a complete disaster. Membership was 34,000 in 2004, now it’s 16,000. That , in itself, will tell you everything about the ability of these two. (During this time the population living in the city centre has probably risen by 50%) Every major project has been a failure, whether a new restaurant, a crackpot idea like the coffee cart or any number of botched building jobs.

These two could not run a snack bar.

When they come up against experienced property developers they will be totally out of their depth.

They would have to be the worst pair in Sydney to attempt a property development.

Save City Tatts Committee

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