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The real airspace is between Patrick Campion’s ears

Patrick Campion has been going round trying to convince City Tatts members that they will retain ownership of their building, and anything built on top of it, as part of the proposed property development.


The only way City Tatts can retain ownership is to pay for the $100 million project themselves. And there is really no chance of that happening. ANZ will not lend them anything – they are already at their limit – and since switching banks again is not an option (remember NAB already showed them the door) they can forget about banks lending them the money.

Only a large property developer will put up that kind of money and they will only do it if they get title to the site and project. Suggestions that a property developer would lend City Tatts the money while City Tatts retain title are just a fantasy. The most likely outcome is that the developer will own the completed building and City Tatts will be given 2 or 3 floors in it.

If Patrick Campion doesn’t know this then he must have a lot of airspace between his ears.

Save City Tatts Committee

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Tony Guilfoyle’s Ongoing Controlled Development Plan

One of the classic signs that somebody can’t do their job is the amount of excuses and jargon they come up with.

This certainly applies to Tony Guilfoyle.

Ever since he became CEO of City Tatts he has produced an endless list of jargon – basically all excuses to cover his failures. One of his first propaganda slogans was the so-called “controlled development plan”.

To help members make sense of the lies that they are lilkely to be subjected to in the next few months, here is a little background:

  • Members of City Tatts are not allowed to see this “controlled development pl;an”.
  • This means that it is a perfect cover for every lie or blunder, because Guilfoyle and Campion will say that whatever has happened is “in line with the controlled development plan” and members can’t contradict this because they don’t know what’s in the plan.
  • The last time any member can recall any details of the plan being shown publicly was in 2004 and there was absolutely no mention of a skyscraper on top of the Club (just in case you have been hearing something different recently)
  • Looking at the chaotic mismanagement of the Club in recent years (for instance, the numerous botched attempts at a proper front entrance) you have to wonder if there is any plan.

Save City Tatts Committee

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Tony Guilfoyle – Master of Disaster!

The rumours were correct – Tony Guilfoyle is barking mad.

His track record of dismal failure since he became CEO of City Tattersalls Club in 2004 is well known. And most regular members realised a few years ago that he had given up on running the Club for members.

But some of hs comments in the media, as part of the property development media blitz, were insane even by his standards.

Amongst other things, he talked about the “ongoing controlled development plan started in 2004” and “a comprehensive program of works to improve the club’s facilities” !!!


Well, take a walk around the Club. You will find that almost everything that was good about the Club in 2004 has been taken away or destroyed by this clown.

Save City Tatts Committee

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City Tatts – Airspace Development

Patrick Campion is always good for a laugh.

Last night, at the “Members Briefing” about the proposed property development he came out with another gem.

As part of spruiking the whole deal he claimed to have spoken to all the subsidiary clubs in City Tatts and that “all feedback was positive”.

This might be a new definition of positive feedback.

Our information is that the City Tatts Dance Club, the biggest subsidiary club, blasted Campion for mortgaging the Club’s property to ANZ without the approval of members. , Campion’s action contravenes the City Tatts Act, which clearly says that no mortgage can be granted over the Club’s property unless approved by members at a General Meeting.

It will be interesting to see what all these hotshot lawyers acting for the property developers do when they find out that the mortgage is not valid.

Save City Tatts Committee

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