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Anger Management for Patrick Campion

Quite a few attendees at the recent AGM commented on how angry Patrick Campion was.

Basically when he was dealing with simple routine agenda items that were of no importance he could keep his emotions under control. But once there was any input from members he started to get angry.

One of the issues that upset him was radio advertising. Under Tony Guilfoyle the Club has spent millions on radio advertising – all money down the drain. You only have to walk around the Club to tell that it has been a spectacular failure. Even in 2012 the Club spent over $300,000 on radio advertising.

So when a member questioned the cost and benefits of radio advertising it was like a red rag to a bull. Campion totally defended the Club’s decision, the cost, the station demograpics, the returns, everything. He got so carried away with his defence that he made one of his most stupid  statements yet –  “It is only 1% of revenue, gimme a break” !

So on Planet Campion any waste is ok because it is a small percentage of revenue. So if a secretary who should get $40,000 gets $130,000 there’s no need to worry because it is less than 1% of revenue. And if the Club spends $500,000 on mannequins which are later taken to the dump don’t worry, its only 2% of revenue.

But what really got him hot under the collar was the Sydney Morning Herald article last year. He was absolutely livid when this came up – he literally turned red.

The topic cropped up when a member asked about the Club paying for public relations consultants. It seems that ever since that article the Club has employed public relations consultants to put a postive spin on the Club’s downhill slide. That is an absolutely disgraceful waste of members money but, again, Campion defended it. But he couldn’t leave it at that and weighed in with his opinion on the Sydney Morning Herald article – and then tried to prevent the member from talking about the same article! The fact that he was so angry proves that the article was right on the money.

He doesn’t get that he only has himself to blame. All of his problems come from his failure to stand up to Tony Guilfoyle.

So here at Save City Tatts we recommend a course of anger management for Patrick Campion. Well, we pay for public relations consultants so why not anger management.

And don’t worry about the expense – it is less than 1% of revenue!


Save City Tatts Committee


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More on Jimmy Chen’s Treasurer’s Report for 2012

Here’s a question you should ask someone after they have read Jimmy Chen’s report on 2012:

How are the Club’s restaurants and bars doing?

Good question, and one that would be impossible to answer from his report. Because he doesn’t mention it – at all.

So, for the benefit of those who would like a little more than Jimmy Chen offered, here is the report card on City Tatts restaurants and bars for 2012.

  • Restaurants and bars in City Tatts lost $720,000 in 2012.
  • The Esperanto lost $368,000 on sales of $868,000. This must rank as the worst restaurant operation in Sydney.
  • Zest lost $345,000 and sales declined 8%.
  • Remember they “had to” close the International Buffet because it was losing money. In the last five years the “alternatives”, Zest and Esperanto, have lost a total of $3,800,000.
  • They even lose money on beverage, something which is almost impossible to do. In 2012 the losses on beverage were a staggering $248,000.
  • Also, keep in mind at all times that these restaurants and bars have no rent to pay, which makes the losses even more incredible.

There is one more interesting aspect to these results. Overall food and beverage takings are down 4%, and they are down 7% in the gaming areas. Presumably, this reflects similar declines in the number of people in the Club and in the gaming areas. But somehow gaming profits have held up at the level of the previous year – which is hard to understand.

Does Jimmy have the answer?

We doubt it.

Save City Tatts Committee

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Jimmy Chen’s Treasurer’s Report 2012

For a long time the rumors from inside City Tatts have been that Jimmy Chen does not know too much about the Club’s finances. His latest Treasurer’s Report, presented at the 2013 AGM, certainly indicates that.

Take what he said in his report about the falling membership. He said that the “new member drive and renewal incentive program had a positive effect on membership revenue which was only down by 0.5%”. He added that “total new members for 2012 were 2105 …”.


We had to read this a few times to make sure we understood it. (But then, that is normal for a Jimmy Chen report)

Let’s see if we have this right.

They added 2105 new members but membership revenue is actually down. This can only mean that they must have lost about the same number of existing members.

Just consider the implications of this:

  1. More than 10% of existing members did not rejoin.
  2. Instead of acting on the clear message that the Club has to change to keep members, Jimmy Chen thinks the answer is to attract new members with free membership deals.
  3. Isn’t it obvious that these new “free” members will leave even sooner than members who belonged to the Club for years.

This “new member drive” at best is a desperate panic measure that does nothing to address the real problems in the Club.

In fact, we predict that before long this “new member drive” will be exposed as a complete fraud, whose only purpose was to artifically boost numbers long enough for Guilfoyle and Campion to get their property development through.


Save City Tatts Committee 



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More dishonesty from Patrick Campion

Here is another small example of how dishonest Patrick Campion has become.

When it came to the part of the AGM where the Treasurer had to answer financial questions from members, Campion told the meeting that they would answer the questions only if required by the Registered Clubs Act.

That is totally dishonest.

There is no connection between the requirement to answer member financial questions at a meeting and the disclosures required by the Registered Clubs Act. The requirement to answer financial questions is contained in the Club Rules attached to the City Tattersall’s Club Act. Even if there was no Registered Clubs Act the Club would still have to answer financial questions at meetings according to it’s own rules.

Yet here is the Chairman, Patrick Campion, telling members that he will not comply with the Club’s own rules.


Save City Tatts Committee

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More on Patrick Campion at the City Tatts AGM

Here is another small example of Patrick Campion’s dishonesty – the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.

Anyone who read the minutes presented to members, and who was not at that meeting, would get a totally distorted account of what actually happened at the meeting. Every bit of members’ criticism of the waste and mismanagement in the Club is absent from the minutes. In fact anyone reading those minutes would believe that members at the meeting was happy with the management of the Club. There is simply no record of any of the problems raised by members.

And just to make sure that the minutes are a complete farce, Tony Guilfoyle’s report to the meeting is not included in the minutes given to members – it is filed away with the Chairman’s copy, never to be seen by members. This means that his excuses for past failures and projections of success in the future can be quietly forgotten.


Save City Tatts Committee


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Pat Campion’s performance at the City Tatts AGM

Pat Campion performed as expected at the Club’s AGM on 21 May 2013.

He was dishonest from start to finish.

His Chairman’s Address was the usual combination of deception, half-truths and absolute nonsense.

If we tried to cover everything he said we’d be here all day so here is just a small sample:

Campion said that the two major problems at City Tatts were “over reliance on gaming” (Yes, he actually said that) and the holding costs due to buying 194 Pitt Street. He then said that these problems “would disappear” if his property development went ahead.

It’s hard to know where to start on this.

City Tatts makes a profit of $21 million every year on gaming. Even after paying the poker machine tax there is around $15 million left. This is more than enough to run everything in the Club and still have plenty left over. So it is staggering that the Club can not make a profit. Only total incompetance could achieve this.

Also, it is Pat Campion who has presided over the withdrawal of the entertainment and restaurants that members wanted. If there is “over reliance on gaming” it is Campion’s fault.

As for the costs of 194 Pitt Street, again it is Campion who is to blame for this. He was the one who supported this right from the start no matter how many times members pointed out what a disaster it had been for the Club. Now he freely admits that the real reason for buying it in 2007 was for a future property development, while members were told absolute lies in order to approve the purchase.

No, there is one real problem in City Tatts – a dishonest Chairman, Pat Campion, who instead of running the Club for members has become obsessed with pushing through an insane property development.

And again we ask the question – what hold does Guilfoyle have on Campion to make him say and do so many really stupid things?


Save City Tatts Committee

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