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Mary McKillop now running City Tatts?

Further evidence that Patrick Campion has lost touch with reality.

Last week he tried to convince members that trading in the Club was “good”.

Who does he think he’s fooling?

Translating from CampionSpeak into reality, this is what is really going on at City Tatts:

  • Members, staff and suppliers (in other words, everyone except the Committee and senior management) said that trading in the three months to December 2012 was the worst they could remember.
  • Every part of the Club is now doing poorly. All of the restaurants are struggling. Zest continues to be a dismal failure and the Esperanto is going down slowly but surely. Cafe 2, which was only ever a desperate response by management when members rejected Zest, is just an embarassment – more like a factory canteen than a city cafe.
  • Revenue from poker machines continues to decline, and will only get worse with fewer machines.
  • You can only run something badly for so long before it starts to show. City Tatts has been badly run for eight years and it really started to show in the second half of 2012.

Given all of the above, the only way trading could have been good leading up to Christmas would be if Mary McKillop had been running the Club.

There was another bit of CampionSpeak that got our attention – his claim that the Club has “met all bank covenants”.

Again, the reality is very different:

  • National Australia Bank have been very concerned about the financial situation of City Tatts since the Sydney Morning Herald articles last year, if not before.
  • Specifically, they no longer trust anything that Tony Guilfoyle says. In fact, they are starting to think that he may have psychiatric problems.
  • Apparently NAB also learn a lot from internet blogs.


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