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Has Patrick Campion gone mad (Part 3)   Leave a comment

Credit where credit’s due – Campion never fails to entertain.

In his “message” about Boonoona Ski Lodge he offered members what is possibly the funniest statement ever by a Chairman of City Tatts:

“.. the occupancy at Boonoona Ski Lodge for the 2012 Ski Season was the worst to date, even though the skiing conditions were the best in the past decade”.

Yes, that sounds like a City Tatts operation all right !

These are the kind of results you can achieve when you combine Tony Guilfoyle’s management skills with Patrick Campion’s leadership !

And, while we are on the topic, was it really such a good idea to spend $500,000 on Boonoona in 2010, especially when we now learn that “Over the past 5 years the [reservation] ballot has been undersubscribed and the occupancy levels have continued to decline.”

Here at Save City Tatts, we have always been very sceptical about Boonoona Ski Lodge. The amount of money invested in it was always way out of proportion to the small number of members who used it. The same amount of money spent in other areas could have brought ten times the benefit. So, as a member facility, it never really made much sense. In fact, we always viewed it as a very expensive way to buy the votes of the City Tatts Ski Club. The Ski Club is headed by Carl Melvey, who happens to be the most one-eyed supporter of Tony Guilfoyle among all the City Tatts Subsidiary Clubs, regardless of how badly the Club is run. It seems that the deal is that the Ski Club get whatever they want and, in return, they deliver about 150 votes (counting wives and friends) each year for the current Committee.

But, even more amazing, we heard that Carl Melvey (or his family) used to own Boonoona Ski Lodge before they sold it City Tatts ! (Maybe the Ski Club votes were part of the contract?)

So what next for Boonoona Ski Lodge?

Maybe they will just give it back to Carl Melvey !

Save City Tatts Committee

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Has Patrick Campion gone mad? (Part 2)   Leave a comment

Is Patrick Campion the most dishonest Chairman in the history of City Tatts? This would be a real achievement, given that he followed on from John Kennedy – now best known for skimming off his mates’ life savings in the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund.

Ever since the Club was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald last August, Campion has taken to issuing a “Chairman’s Message” on the Club’s website. The latest one appeared last week. We have read and reread it and, even though we have observed City Tatts for years, we are staggered by how dishonest it is.

Basically every paragraph is dishonest, so we have picked just one to illustrate. This is from the first page under the heading of “Recent Publicity”. In this short paragraph Campion makes four statements – and all four are dishonest !

“..the August newspaper articles were rejected by most members..”

No, for most regular members the newspapers confirmed everything they had suspected for years. And other members, who had previously taken little interest in the operation of the Club were disgusted by what they learned.

“The support for our Club following the publications was overwhelming..”

Support for the Club and support for Campion and Guilfoyle are two totally different things. In fact, they are exact opposites. For instance, the Save City Tatts committee has continually offered “support for our Club” – which is why we have continually exposed Guilfoyle’s incompetence and Campion’s collusion.

“The week following the publications was the busiest in the Club for years as members flocked in to show their support.”

Yes, a lot of long standing members were disgusted by the waste and mismanagement exposed in the newspaper articles and came to the Club to find out more. But staff had already been coached by Campion to give misleading replies to any member who asked about the newspaper articles. Incidentally, if members “flocked in to show their support” why is the Club trading in October and November the worst that anyone can remember?

“The many letters and comments I received all supported the Committee, Management and our staff”

Really, Pat? Let’s think about this. A major Sydney newspaper writes two articles on one day telling readers the following about City Tatts:

  • That the CEO owes $200,000 to the Club which he took without the knowledge of the Committee
  • That dry cleaners have refused to release staff uniforms and garbage collectors have refused to collect rubbish rubbish because of unpaid bills
  • That the Club is paying $700,000 in interest every year on $10 million borrowed to buy a building that, four years later is still mostly empty
  • That the Club paid $80,000, in secret, to an eye clinic in Moree run by Campion’s brother
  • That the Club has paid over $300,000 in consultancy fees to Tony Guilfoyle’s partner in a private venture that owns two resorts
  • That the Committee were going on a weedend to Melbourne costing the Club $50,000

And, after reading these articles, the letters and comments received all supported the Committee and Management !!!

Yeah Right !


Save City Tatts Committee


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Has Patrick Campion gone mad?   Leave a comment

There is something very strange about Patrick Campion’s support for Tony Guilfoyle.

Campion, of all people, knows that Guilfoyle has been a disaster for City Tattersalls Club. And apart from the obvious waste and mismanagement it is clear that a lot of Guilfoyle’s dealings have been questionable, to put it mildly.

What makes Campion’s support even more amazing is that, by all reports, he does not like Guilfoyle and he does not trsut Guilfoyle !

So why does Campion, a cautious solictor, continue to stick his neck out for Guilfoyle?

We do not have the exact answer to this but these are the theories going around the Club:

  1. He is just too weak to stand up to Guilfoyle
  2. He is in too deep with Guilfoyle already and it is too late to turn back now (eg. the secret $80,000 taken from City Tatts for Campion’s pet project in Moree)
  3. He has decided to back Guilfoyle until the property development happens in the hope that all the skeletons in the cupboard will disappear (he is mistaken on this – the property development will not come in time to save him)

It would be interesting to know how Campion is viewed down at Clinch Long Letherbarrow – they must think he’s mad !


Save City Tatts Committee

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More panic at City Tatts   Leave a comment

You might be interested in the latest panic at City Tatts.

It seems that the trading position of the Club got so bad on the weekend that they did not have enough cash to pay winners on the pokies. And we mean winnings of a few hundred dollars.

This caused staff to go round emptying the machines in a mad panic. Even with that, members still had to be paid by cheque.

How is it possible for a club that makes a profit of $20 million on pokies to be in such dire straits?

And what about the management who are paid a fortune to run the Club and have brought it to this position:

  • The financial controller, Mark Cooper, is paid $200,000 a year. Isn’t it time someone called him to account for the Club’s finances?
  • The CEO, Tony Guilfoyle, is paid $600,000 a year. But he is rarely in the Club and takes very little interest in how it is going.

The person who should be asking the questions is the Treasurer, Jimmy Chen, elected by the members to safeguard the finances of the Club. Unfortunately Jimmy rarely knows what’s going on and even if he does ask he is fobbed off with lame excuses by management.

Save City Tatts Committee

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ASIC takes action on Prime Retirement Property Trust   Leave a comment

It is interesting to read that the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has taken action against the directors of the trustee of The Prime Retirement and Aged Care Property Trust. The core of the ASIC case is that the directors failed to act in the best interest of members of the trust when they paid an excessive fee to entities associated with directors.

In a press release ASIC said “Central to ASIC’s action is the duty of officers of responsible entities to act in the best interest of the members of the scheme and to refrain from making improper use of their position as an officer to cause detriment to the members of the scheme.

If ASIC mean what they say then the four trustees of the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund in 2004 are in big trouble. John Kemmedy, former Chairman of City Tatts, and the other three trustees set up an arrangement where the Fund paid annual fees to their own company, Super Promoters. And this arrangement was obviously detrimental to the members of the Fund since it provided no benefit for the fees paid.

It can only be a matter of time before ASIC takes action against the four.

Save City Tatts Committee

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City Tatts Lame Duck Chairman   Leave a comment

Case 1 – 2004

City Tatts CEO Tony Guilfoyle took $200,000 of Club funds, without the knowledge or permission of the Committee. This was discovered by the auditor, KPMG, in 2011 and, among other things, is currently under investigation by the Department of Liquor, Gaming and Racing.

Case 2 – 2011

As a result of a complaint to the Anti Discrimination Board, the President of that board referred the matter of Tony Guilfoyle aiding and abetting racial vilification to the Administrative Decisions Tribunal for hearing. This matter was settled before the final court hearing with a payout by the Club to the victim. The cost to the Club for legal fees and payout was in excess of $50,000. The Club Chairman, Pat Campion, has stated that he has no knowledge of this payout.

These two cases of Tony Guilfoyle using Club funds for his own benefit, without the knowledge and permission of the Committee, took place seven years apart. This raises the very obvious question – how many other times during that period has he used Club funds for his personal benefit? And why does Patrick Campion tolerate it?

We have access to the relevant documantation that proves the misuse of Club funds by Tony Guilfoyle in both these cases, as well as other cases, and so does Mr Campion.

Over to you, Pat

Save City Tatts Committee

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All in the timing   Leave a comment

Guilfoyle and Campion are running out of time in their pursuit to sell off City Tattersalls Club

They are currently under investigation so they have to fasttrack the process. Their latest destruction strategy is to hold out on paying even the smallest creditors and not replace employees who continue to form a long line to leave the Club. They hope this will speed up the decline to justify that the sell-off is the only option for members.

These two destroyers will put a plan to members under the guise of “saving the club”. Campion continues to aid and abet Guilfoyle’s “questionable” irregularities by repeatedly covering them up and the $64m question is “will the expanded investigations into the Club, the Committee, Guilfoyle, Kennedy and Campion be finalised before they can put the sell-off to members?

“The biggest single threat to the survival of our Club is the activities of … Campion and Guilfoyle” – Pat Campion’s message to members (slightly modified by the Save City Tatts Committee to reflect the truth)

Save City Tatts Committee

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